Biba deals with body shaming in Change The Question

Change The Question

Biba launched a new digital campaign titled Change The Question which deals with the issue of body shaming.

This film is an extension to the ongoing ‘Change’ series of campaigns by the brand. The digital film not only manages to extend BIBA’s perspective on societal change, but also constructively engage the viewer to sit up and think. It brings a fresh, honest, and relatable story in front of the society and strengthens the notion that change is the only way forward.

Conceptualised by Brandmovers, the film opens with a conversation between a husband and wife while they are getting ready for an evening outing when they are interrupted by their daughter, who is dressed in her ethnic best. She asks them a seemingly small question which urges them to introspect. The film reiterates the thought that ‘We are beautiful in our own way’

Today even teenage girls are constantly insecure with their appearance and are under tremendous pressure to look pretty and stylish every day. Such situations shatter their confidence and make them vulnerable and conscious. With this film, Biba aims to bring a shift in people’s perspective of doing away with unnecessary beliefs and letting young girls enjoy their adolescence.

Siddharth Bindra, Managing Director, Biba, said, “It’s the success of our earlier films and the conversations they sparked that urged us to create another film. We realized that in whatever way, we were bringing about a shift in people’s lives and perspectives. Similarly, this film touches on the topic of negative body image tactfully and how it’s a growing concern not only amongst women but young girls too. The film delivers a strong message through a very sweet story that is sure to have an impact on the audiences.”

Commenting on the creative aspect, Suva Ghosh, Chief Creative Officer, Brandmovers India said, ‘Just like with the earlier films which we have created for Biba, the idea was to initiate a wave of change. We were working on a very strong insight with this film – women all over the world are worried about the way they look. We spoke to a lot of people and realized that the problem ran deep – a simple question like ‘Am I looking fat?’ can be damaging not just to themselves, but also to people around them. We are to be blamed for the world we are shaping; with such campaigns we are trying to strive to make the world a happier and a better one.’

The brand ran a contest on Twitter using the hashtag #ChangeTheQuestion. The winners were given Biba vouchers to engage with the users and promote their latest campaign.

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