Bluestone ropes in Alia Bhatt to promote ‘Get Trials at home’ experience


The online jewelry store, Bluestone has released a new campaign featuring their first brand ambassador Alia Bhatt. The campaign highlights the ease of trying at home experience offered by the brand.

The aim behind getting Alia to endorse the brand is to target young shoppers. In today’s age and day, when people are running short of time, Bluestone through their campaign tells the viewers- you don’t need to come to us, instead, we will come to you- ‘Get trials at home’. The ad has been launched ahead of the festive season.

In the brand’s previous campaign, they promoted the message that Bluestone is the go-to jewelry destination for today’s woman.

On Facebook, Bluestone has created an event to connect with the users. Using the hashtag #BeLikeAlia, the brand has further released creatives to create curiosity around the latest campaign. However, there is not much of conversation on social media pertaining to the new ad. It will be interesting to see if the brand does something interesting in the coming days to arouse the interest of the users on social media.

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