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Surya Narayanan, Head of Business, Hungama Digital Services shares insights on Brand agency relationship in the age of social media.

Brands and agency need to show faith in each other: This relationship has always been antagonistic at least in theory. However, what I have always seen is that brands and agency that work together can create really fantastic piece of communication. An agency that can live up to the client's expectation and clients that can show faith in their agency, have found great response.

Relationship should not be at the marketing level, but also at the business level: An agency which can help in the profit of the brand, will find maximum respect. With respect you will see better work coming out because there will be mutual faith.

Agencies and brands need to transparent in their conversations: Some of the hurdles in this relationship is that, you will never have sufficient information in the age of digital. This insufficient information is insanely large today. Therefore, agencies should always engage in lot of conversation with brands and be transparent about things. Secondly, there is never full understanding of technology, which is changing everyday. Finally, clients expects agencies to deliver work in a short time, it is not always possible because every work will take their own time.

Use any platform, so long it is good for your brand: The correct way of using Facebook is through content, if you can create an excellent content for the B2B audience, then they will flock to your channel on their own. If you want to create a one to one conversation that finds resonance with people, Twitter is a great way of doing it. You cannot rely on Twitter, if you are looking at only reach. You should think it from this point of view - can I reach the loudest voice who will support my cause? Off late, Twitter has been used as an excellent customer support mechanism. Ideally use any platform, so long it is good for your brand. The question also is how responsive, you can make it.

Surya Narayanan, Head of Business, Hungama Digital Services spoke at #SamosaChat organised by Social Samosa.

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