Mother Dairy Ice Cream the new Amul of social media?

Take a look at how Mother Dairy Ice Cream have nailed their topical and moment marketing efforts with puns, creativity, and timeliness!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Aug 29, 2017 08:52 IST
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Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Going topical is a not so simple wish that most brands have, yet few manage to achieve. Even multinational conglomerates stutter at times, falling flat on their faces, although Mother Dairy Ice Creams have been nailing it for a while now!

You have to be quick and clever, and more often than not, topical marketing involves having a sense of humour about it. Mother Dairy Ice Cream has been all of those by staying on top of the social media trends, the current one being a combined global infatuation with Game Of Thrones.

To put things in the right perspective, let us discuss how Pepsi, one of the world’s largest corporations with near endless resources, financial and creative, at their disposal, managed to do quite the opposite. Their campaign video featuring the famous for being famous family’s Kendall Jenner, attempting to substitute the strife, violence, and chaotic disarray in the United States with a Pepsi can, a metaphor for peace maybe.

Things did not go as planned, and Pepsi faced the ire of disgruntled social media users to such an extent that they had to take down the video, and issue a formal apology!

Mother Dairy Ice Cream Mother Dairy Ice Cream Mother Dairy Ice CreamSo, there you have it. It’s difficult, but when done right, it can earn you unmatched accolades.

Look at how they turned the death of a fire breathing dragon, and his eventual resurrection as an ice breathing blue eyed undead dragon, into something that creative. Personally, I was impressed.

But then so were many others!

Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Now this is not the first time Mother Dairy Ice Cream has done it. It’s a recipe they have got right time and again, thanks to their attention to detail, creativity, some amazing puns and timing their posts with the peak Game of Thrones conversation every Monday.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams Arya Stark's vengeance against Walder Frey and his band of cowards.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams Olenna Tyrell's dying confessions/mic drop moment.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams Arya turning into the fan favourite with her badassery.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams Yaara Greyjoy's tragic encounter and capture at the hands of her uncle, Euron Greyjoy.


Not only with what happens in the show, Mother Dairy Ice Creams perfectly blended in HBO’s hacking and leaking woes with their brand, and with no context apart from the font, managed to tickle thousands of ribs at once. 52 thousand to be exact.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams

Now its not just Game Of Thrones that has won the affinity of people behind Mother Dairy Ice Cream’s successful topical marketing wins.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams

And paid homage to the slain characters over the past seasons with these punny creative illustrations for the arrival of the new Game Of Thrones season.

Mother Dairy Ice Creams Mother Dairy Ice Creams Mother Dairy Ice Creams Mother Dairy Ice Creams

Mother Dairy Ice Creams

They even stitched together Game Of Thrones with Raksha Bandhan (it was the Stark, not the Lannisters chill), and the demise of Microsoft Paint, the GST rollout, Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary, the Indian moviegoers festival (Salman Bhai’s new release) and so many more!!

Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Take a look at these witty, punny and chuckleworthy works of art, and this may seem a paid write up to you, but its just a consumer/social media user who was thoroughly impressed.

Keep up the good work Mother Dairy Ice Cream! Continue to spread smiles and cheer with your ice creams and creativity!

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