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Social Samosa takes a look at some of the popular OLX campaigns over the years and the route taken by the brand to touch the right chord with the audience.

The tagline ‘Bech De’ has become synonymous with the brand OLX. It has become so popular, that the internet is filled with hilarious memes using the ‘OLX pe Bech De’ message. Over the last few years, the brand has seen a drastic change in their communication strategy, from ‘Bech De’ to ‘Womaniya’ to ‘Kuch Keemat Bhi Keemti Bhi’ or their recent ‘6- Month Break up challenge’; in each of these campaigns, the brand has always worked on consumer insights with which we can easily relate to. We take a look at popular route which the brand has taken to be in the minds of the consumers.

Using mainly humor on television and by taking the emotional route for the digital audience, OLX has been active and has managed to stay in the minds of the consumers, in spite of the clutter. Their conscious effort to stay ‘massy’- by roping in popular brand endorsers like Kapil Sharma or releasing commercials in multiple languages, requires a lot of research and strategizing from the brand’s end.

The brand recently released their communication titled ‘Aagey Badho’ which says that whenever we think that we have achieved everything, suddenly a new horizon becomes visible and we move towards it. It is actually a never-ending game as life never settles at one place. So buy and sell whatever you want at OLX.

Early this year, OLX came up with the ‘6- Months Break up challenge’ and urged people to sell their pre-owned goods which they haven’t used for at least six months. The campaign was a result of a survey, conducted by leading research firm IMRB, which showed that, stocking is the most common activity pertaining to pre-owned goods.

Social Samosa takes a look at some of the popular OLX campaigns over the years and the route taken by the brand to touch the right chord with the audience.

1. ‘Aj Nahi, Kal Karte Hain’ mentality

In early 2016, the brand launched their communication ‘No More Dekhte Hain, OLX Pe Bechte Hain’ which tapped on the Indian mentality of delaying and procrastinating things. The campaign highlighted the prevalent attitude in our society and our special obsession for old things and the inherent inertia to change them. It encouraged the users to sell them with ease on OLX. The campaign became hugely popular, owing to the catchy tune sung by Amit Trivedi. Also, it got more clicks following JNU Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar’s reference to it twice in his speech after being released on an interim bail.


2. Transactions can also be emotional

The films released under the theme ‘Keemat bhi Keemti Bhi’ highlighted the message that a transaction is more than just money and goods changing hands, it spoke about the emotional side of transactions.

3. Target young working couples on digital

In 2015, OLX released two emotional spots on digital, where they tried to target working couples and their everyday challenges.

‘Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere’ focussed on buying and selling of used cars. It was a story of a husband selling off his sedan on OLX and instead of buying two small cars with it. It was a story, which highlighted the message that bigger is not always better, sometimes something small can also bring a smile on our loved ones' face.

Inspired by O Henry’s popular short story ‘Gift of Magi’, the brand launched their digital ad #LittleJoysofLife, which narrated the beautiful story of selfless love between a painter and a photographer. In this story, both of them sold their favorite belongings so that they could see a smile on their respective partner’s face.

4. Buyers and sellers both need each other

In this series of communication, OLX acknowledged the buyer and moved away from the usual seller-centric approach. Two films released #PatiParmeshwarNOT and #SushilBachcha, tried highlighting the message that, whatever is the product, there is always a buyer on OLX for it.

5. Got the right brand ambassadors

A few years back, OLX released hilarious digital ads featuring comedian Kapil Sharma in their campaign titled ‘Shaadi Ke Funde’. It took a funny stand on how the overdose of wedding gifts can actually be ‘used-less’.

Sharma was also used in TVCs titled ‘Purana Jayega to Naya Ayega’ where he addressed the unique habit of Indians of storing and stocking goods and never using them. He urged viewers to sell old items on OLX and make place for new ones.

Popular South Indian actor Dhanush appeared in the brand’s commercial in 2014. The ads aimed to highlight the benefits of living an uncluttered life and selling things on OLX’s mobile app. The TVCs were done in Tamil and was done with the intention of catering to the Chennai and Tamil Nadu market.

6. Empowered the ‘Womaniya’

The brand’s ‘Womaniya’ campaign is still fresh in everyone’s mind. OLX launched their app campaign, set to the tune of the popular Bollywood song ‘Womaniya’, where the focus was on how to use the cell phone to sell items on OLX. After this campaign, there was a huge buzz around converting your ‘cell phone to sell phone’. It highlighted the selling power of women, an audience who were earlier considered mainly as buyers.

OLX has managed to stay ahead in the race because for them, consumer insights have always been very valuable. They have taken a lot of effort in understanding the consumer’s mind and their behavior pattern, as a result of which, the brand has been able to craft such powerful messages through the years.

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