Resolving the Jigsaw of an ingenious campaign

Planning a campaign is of utmost importance for any brand. An effective campaign helps in building a great relationship between the target audience and the brand.

For a lifestyle brand like Baggit to reach out to a larger audience, it is crucial that the campaign speaks a language that takes the brand to one and all. The most significant part of creating a campaign is to make the target audience know what the brand has to convey to them, constructing a positive perspective.

Setting an objective

The most crucial step while planning a campaign is setting a relevant and attainable objective, as it decides the course of action to be taken. Any step taken during the campaign should lead to the objective whether it is qualitative or quantitative and it is invariable to take corrective actions in between if there is a challenge in attaining the objective. In short, setting an objective helps us to be more focused in our efforts to make the campaign successful.

Understanding your audience

Before planning any campaign, it is considerate to research every aspect of the brand. For building an effective campaign, the research should be constructive enough to generate an idea. The research should involve all the information regarding the products, the target audience, and their needs, new trends, the need gap, etc.

To recognize your audience, you need to have a fair idea about what the audience really wants as well as what motivates them to buy your product. This leads to a forthcoming idea about relevant focus. Understanding your audience generates good results and offers an edge to add to the revenue growth.

Connecting with ‘Influencers’

Connecting with the right people is a vigorous factor in lifestyle branding, thus it is always fruitful to build and enhance a network of influencers. This helps to identify trends in your audience’s interest and problems. It is essential to identify the people who have a direct influence on your target audience. There are certain types of influencers like celebrities, journalists as well as social influencers. Social influencers are distinct in each market. For example, for a lifestyle brand, you might want to reach out to popular Bloggers or Youtubers.

We, at Baggit, believe that both brand and the product play a large role in the life of the customer. Hence the marketing philosophy is derived from the brand’s vision and design, quality, and aesthetics of the product are at the centre-stage.

Conversing with the digital community

Social media is one of the most dynamic and fast changing, but cost effective way to create a meaningful conversation with your audiences. Hence it helps to build the relationship between a brand and the customer. Facebook is a critical part of the marketing mix. Facebook campaigns have been useful in building awareness, customer engagement, to launch our latest collections as well as invite fans for events.

While building a campaign, it’s very important to target the correct social media platform, the right audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It is important to merge online and on-ground initiatives to ensure correct amplification of the campaign and develop synergies across the ecosystem.

While Social media is certainly new age, don’t just make it an addition to the existing clutter. The strategic solution is to make social media relevant enough in the process of brand building.

Impactful engagement

Prospects are likely to be customers when they have gained acquaintance and trust in the brand. To make this happen, we need to study the variation of consumer behavior on the basis of previous research reports. Keeping a track on the trends in the market induces outcome of the brand, it also helps in understanding where the brand might need a course-correction.

Consumers might interact with the brand for different reasons like for promotions and discounts, customer service, to share their feedback about the product and to get latest product information. Knowing the interest of the customers makes it easier to engage with them by offering rewards and incentives to mark a positive brand growth.

Creating a meaningful brand

Brand personality should not be assumed, it should come spontaneously from the users of the brand. It must reflect their lifestyle, wants and their needs. For us, maintaining the consistency of our brand is crucial. A brand image that changes constantly makes it difficult for the customers to recognize what they connect with the brand for. Constant innovation in your products can keep your customers engaged with your brand and not give them a reason to shift to another brand. How we speak the same brand language, keep our looks easy to remember and more importantly make our products hit the target audiences’ needs – all of this put together captures the essential consumer mind space.

The article is written by Mr. Vicky Ahuja, Director of Sales and Marketing, Baggit