Social Media Agency Feature: Brew My Idea

Brew My Idea

Social Samosa is on a mission to learn more about Social Media Agencies that operate in the ecosystem. This feature will take you through the story of Brew My Idea

Who are we?

We are a young dynamic team of quirky entrepreneurs on a mission to create an exciting web presence for startups, SME’s, Brands and fellow entrepreneurs.

In today’s digital circa, social media coupled with the right SEO & SEM strategies is the best way to reach out to potential customers. We are the digital surgeons who give our patrons a much-needed brand lift.

What’s in the name? 

We sleep over ideas, dream and wake up to brew creative visuals & addictive words to leverage our brands with a social media caffeine rush. We mix the right ingredients so that the cup and the lip meet to give value for money. We brew your ideas while you are busy managing your business!

What do we do?

Name anything digital and we brew it!  To be precise, Elegant Websites, Super Social Media Management, Visible Search Engine Optimization, ROI Friendly Google Adwords, Cost Effective Content Writing & Marketing, Buzzing Branding and a lot of free General Digital Marketing Consulting. (Jargon Free Gyaan as we call it)

Why we do it?

We do this for optimization of information, money, and resources. The past, the thoughts, and the ideas don’t optimize themselves; we do. We do it for good times, smart phones, smart clients and smart platforms because what is not visible disappears very soon. We are here to be alive and present. We have been to many places but our goal is to globe-trot virtually.

How we evolve?

Dinosaurs are extinct but we have virtually evolved on information, knowledge, creatives, trends and social dynamism on every trending digital platform. We quench our constant thirst for knowledge by gathering relevant data on what’s trending and moving fast. We train, get trained and keep the ball rolling. The industry is growing rapidly and it’s a challenge to keep up with the changing trends.

Social responsibility in social media

We believe transparency and approachability are pre- requisites while dealing with any agency. As an agency, our social responsibility lies in ensuring the right approach, the right processes, and setting the right expectations. From ideation to approval to implementation we plan well in advance to ensure a hassle free smooth work flow! Using the media spends optimally, ensuring minimal wastage, is one of our core values. The right ingredients ensure that coffee we brew is enjoyed by both us and our clients.

Need of the hour

The need to stay on the right side of Intellectual property laws while ensuring visible presence should be a priority for both clients and the social media agency. Use of uncredited content, posts, images are a big no no! Both parties need to understand the thin line between inspiration and plagiarism.

We learned the hard way

Building a fat social media presence can be successfully undertaken even by thin teams. Weight no bar, social media style baar baar!

Age and experience are not directly proportional to the humorous and potentially viral inputs that we share with our clients. You require nerves of steel to steal the heart of google with plagiarism free content!

My 2 cents? Be the jack of all trades and the hire a master of website security. A hacker may waltz into your site while you are busy jumping off the cliff of information. Keep your website and passwords safe.

Did we just share that?

  • Get Rich Ponzy Scheme: A client had once briefed us saying that he wants to generate sales through social media worth Rs. 5 crores for a pseudoscientific product. Did I mention he wanted this to be done overnight?
  • Requirement for content writing services that read: 

“Required contain righter. Pleaze harry up and provide. You can massage me at the earliest.”

They work with us

BollywoodSite, Ultra Tech Environmental Consultancy & Laboratory, Millionaires Worldwide, The Arshiya Foundation, Marriage Mantra are some of our esteemed clientele. We also work with budding fashion entrepreneurs and tech startups.

Industry as we foresee

A new era with lustrous sunny ideas that actually light up lives is the future of the Social media industry. Expanding markets, inter-connective international platforms, and constantly changing trends can only see an escalation in the demand for the social media industry.

A day without Internet 

Is the world ending! Were the Mayans correct in predicting the end of the world! GIVE ME MY WIFI!

While we will love the solitude for exactly 2 hours, our colleagues will go berserk!

Breathless before dawn would be the plight of an internet freak or any social media marketing agency. A busy bee buzzing with information and trends would be ready to sting itself for missing out on a day being a netizen. Imagine total darkness for the virtual nut that cracked itself while disconnecting from its virtual tree of information and landed on the hard ground of reality. Ouch!!!!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are hiring social media executives, business development executives and interns are always welcome!

If you have any more questions and queries for Brew My Idea, drop them in comments here or write to us at and we will get them answered for you!