How Viacom 18 celebrated Parent’s Day on Social Media

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The Viacom 18 Media house, a corporation under which many subsidiary networks function and flourish rolled out a Parent’s Day campaign.


Raising awareness and establishing a closer connection between consumers and Viacom 18, the company shed light upon its role as the parent organization of numerous channels that are closely associated with the lives of so many consumers this Parent’s Day.


On 23rd July, Parents Day this year, Viacom 18’s subsidiary brands began to wish Viacom18, a Happy Parents’ Day.

The subsidiary brands such as MTV, MTV Beats, Comedy Central, Vh1, Nickelodeon, Vh1 Supersonic etc put out images and tweets that signify their relationship with Viacom18. They put out tweets thanking their Parent company for their constant support. Each of them wished Viacom18 through their own unique identity.

Viacom 18

Not just the television channels, Viacom 18 is also heavily invested in other line of businesses like Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Voot, who also joined in to wish their parent organization, a Happy Parent’s Day.

Viacom 18

Viacom18 concluded the day long digital and social media activity by expressing their gratitude towards all their subsidiary brands, or children, for their wonderful wishes.


The activity received an engagement of about 5k organic interaction across brands and a lot of wishes from the users.

All the sub-brands came together to celebrate Parents Day with their Parent Company, Viacom18.

Creating a connect in the mind of users that their favourite brand belongs to the Viacom18 network and fulfilling the campaign objectives for Viacom 18.