5 Viral Marketing lessons from Team FilterCopy

Viral Marketing

Team FilterCopy shared tips on how to make branded content with a few viral marketing lessons.  

Over the last few years, Team FilterCopy has worked very closely with brands and films. One of the most shared videos which they did for Velvet case, ‘Things Brothers and Sisters Do’ helped them grab a lot of eyeballs.

Few lessons which the team learned over the years and shared with the audience are

Shareable & Relatable content  

“Always make shareable and relatable content, something which the audience can easily relate to and share with their friends and family. It can really help your content to go viral.”

Create content, which the audience wants to watch

“Considering today, most of the audience consume content from mobiles, it is very important to create content, which people want to watch and not skip.”

It should never be only about the visibility of the brand’s name or the logo 

“When we work with a brand, we try to ensure that it is not just the name of the brand which is put in the video, but the ethos of the brand comes out when there is an integrated piece of work.”

Measure ROI 

We work very closely to find out, the kind of result from any integration with a brand. The results are usually quite tangible. We recently worked with Sequoia Hackathon and did a video for them. They registered a record number of entries for their Hackathon which is coming in the next few weeks. It is another way to find out, how much good the video has done for our brand.”

Take a call when needed between creativity & branded demand

“If we see, that a certain idea or integration is not working for us, we don’t move beyond the writing stage. The reason being, in this case, it will most probably not work for the brand also. We need to think from the brand’s side and also see if it is working for us as well.”

Team FilterCopy shared viral marketing lessons at #SMLive organized by Social Samosa on World Social Media Day.