8 Bold and edgy Fastrack campaigns you need to watch

Sarmistha Neogy
Sep 06, 2017 08:06 IST
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Social Samosa takes a look at some of the bold ad Fastrack campaigns in the last few years.

Fastrack, as a brand has always managed to churn out communication which is bold, quirky and topical, to resonate with the younger demographic.  With a brazen outlook, the brand from the house of Titan continues to reflect the progressive mindset of youngster’s in all their communications.

The ads have successfully maintained a fine balance between being irreverent and insolent. The communication always reflects of in-your-face sexual connotation and is extremely popular with the youth.

The brand recently rolled out a new collection of frames and a campaign created by 22feet Tribal Worldwide has been made to promote it. Urging the youth to ‘get steamy, get fresh’, the ad features two young lovers having fun.

Social Samosa takes a look at some of the bold ad Fastrack campaigns in the last few years.

Gear up for some action

Earlier this year Fastrack entered the wearable category with Reflex, its range of fitness band. To promote it, the brand released their communication highlighting the attitude of the youth today, who is bold and not afraid to be upfront about anything. In an unconventional manner, the brand placed their product in the fitness space.

Never Have I Ever...

The brand’s ‘Never Have I ever’ ad campaign series released last year was quirky, relatable, fun and unapologetic. Fastrack redefined certain social causes in the language which the youth can totally understand.

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The Closet

In 2013, the brand released their edgy campaign titled ‘The Closet’ which was a lighthearted take on societal taboos. It highlighted that the youth today is not bogged down by the rules which the society lays down. The campaign was released around Supreme Court’s verdict against Article 377. It showed two girls coming out of the same closet with the message - ‘Come out of the closet - MoveOn’. In fact, it is said to be the first Indian lesbian ad.

Mature is in...

Released in the same year, the brand released their ‘Mature is in’ commercial which in an extension of the brand’s ‘Move on’ philosophy. This was to promote their bags collection.


To introduce and promote Fastrack bags, the brand showed the audience some cool ways to use it. Featuring Virat Kohli and actress Genelia D'souza, the campaign talked about how to hide your hickey with the help of your bags.

Why the world moved on to Auto Pilot/Answering Machine...

In 2011, featuring the brand endorser Virat and Genelia, Fastrack released three ad campaigns titled ‘Why the world moved on to Auto Pilot’ and ‘why the world moved on to answering machines’. The ads were surely too edgy and bold way back in 2011.

Fastrack Hands

In 2009, the brand released their ad campaign which had two versions to it- His/Her story. In a fun and bold manner, the ad spoke how they played around and finally got rid of their respective partners because it was time to ‘Move on’.

Over the years Fastrack has managed to keep their bold and edy spirit alive while getting topical.

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