We saw Amazon Prime Video’s Going Viral Pvt Ltd and you need to too!

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Going Viral Pvt Ltd

Ever wondered how anything and everything goes viral? How the most ridiculous hashtag gets trending and you’re like ‘HOW’. How on earth do these things trend? Well, you’re not alone my friend.

The riddle called viral has us all gripped. Weird things begin trending and good stuff ends up lying somewhere in the corner. Not always, but you know what it means!

Now, if you plan to find out how this really works, you have to see Amazon Prime Video’s latest and exclusive  comedy series,  Going Viral, a hilariously real view of what goes behind the viral and trending mafia, created by Anuvab Pal.

One of my personal favourites Kunnal Roy Kapur as Gaurav appears to be the mastermind of the agency called Going Viral Pvt Ltd, in this comedy series. The show is a rundown of the phenomena that viral has become over the last few years.

Going Viral Pvt Ltd has other funny characters including Frehan, the Operations Manager (I feel your pain man), Shravika, their Chief Strategy Officer, Natasha, the CFO, and a Peon who has the most swag in my opinion.  

“24 hours on social media is like 10 years in real life” says Shravika – a bizarrely true statement that makes you wonder about the digital world. And this is just in the trailer!

This group of odd balls cracking the digital code is exactly what you need to watch today. And, if, you have ever worked with a DIGITAL COMPANY, this show is going to hit you right in the feels. The CFO’s plight the strategists’ frustration! It is all so relatable!

With eight hilarious episodes in the season , Going Viral Pvt Ltd is the perfect binge watch. Here’s what you need to do. Log on to Amazon Prime Video, grab a lot of popcorn, some chilled soda (read beer) and a perfect day awaits you.

It’s ok, you can thank us later.

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