8 ways to boost engagement on LinkedIn company page

boost engagement on LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn yet? Find out how to boost engagement on LinkedIn with this easy to apply tips.

According to a report, published by LinkedIn early this year, 79 percent of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads and 94 percent of these marketers use it to distribute content. Keeping in mind, that a huge chunk of your company’s audience is consuming content on this platform, effort needs to be made to keep it engaging and interesting.

Following are some interesting ways which can be used to increase engagement on your Company’s LinkedIn profile.

Post a variety of interesting and engaging content

You should always post a mix of strong content on your company’s LinkedIn page. Keep in mind the interest of your audience and post the content accordingly. Avoid posting only promotional matter. You can always share informative pieces about the industry. Keep an eye on what type of content your competitors are posting, this will help you to stay abreast with latest happenings and you won’t miss out on any updates.

Make your content stand out

To make your post stand out from the rest, you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, use a good visual or graphics because images result in 98 percent higher comment rate. According to a LinkedIn report, including a link to your post will drive 2x the engagement. Posting videos from YouTube, results in 75 percent higher share rate. Lastly, keep in mind, to always engage in a positive manner with those, who are commenting on your posts.

Post your updates at a time, when your audience is on the platform

Don’t post huge volumes of content on LinkedIn, stick to around 1-3 posts a day. In fact, according to a data on HubSpot, the best days of the week to post updates on LinkedIn are – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Also, the best times to post are between 7-8 AM and 5-6 PM. There are several tools like Buffer, Everypost, SocialOomph, Hootsuite that can help to schedule the posts at a time in which you want. Since the audience on LinkedIn are primarily B2B, there is higher engagement on weekdays and during business hours.

Grow your network

A large network on LinkedIn is a must. The reason being, if you have more connections, the chance of your post getting’ likes’ increases and also gets ‘shared’ more frequently. Join industry related groups and monitor interactions. In order to improve the visibility of your company page, add appropriate keywords in the Specialities section on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind the size of the profile and the banner image

Make sure that the profile image and the banner image size are of the correct size. A logo, which is ideally your profile picture on the platform, appears when people search for your company on LinkedIn, so it needs to be represented properly. While the logo remains constant on all the platforms of the brand, the banner image can be customized for the LinkedIn audience.

Check on the analytics

LinkedIn analytics is a feature, that company page admin can access and also use it to see the kind of engagement that is happening on their account. Keep a check on the follower demographics, to be sure that you are attracting the right audience. Monitor the posts from your account and see if they are engaging enough to pull the audience towards your page.

Sponsor important updates

Just like sponsoring posts on Facebook and Twitter, you can also sponsor important updates on LinkedIn, if you wish to reach out to connections outside your network. LinkedIn will help you to track the number of added impressions, clicks, interactions and followers acquired.

Create Showcase Pages:

Showcase pages are a great feature on LinkedIn and are designed to promote a product, brand, or business initiative. They’re basically niche pages that allow one to reach out to a targeted segment of users with a specific message. LinkedIn users can follow a single showcase page without having to follow the company.

If your company is in the B2B space and hasn’t explored the potential of LinkedIn, then you are surely losing out a chance to tap the 500 million user base on this platform. Boost engagement on LinkedIn now!