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Jignesh Maniar, Founder & CEO, OnAds Communication shares his two cents on how to create clutter breaking ads.

Everyday a number of campaigns are released - in the form of videos, contests and what not. Where does your campaign stand in this clutter? What is the shelf life of your campaign?

It is important to make sure your content reaches the right audience at the right time. Jignesh Maniar, Founder & CEO, OnAds Communication shares his two cents on how to create clutter breaking ads.

Be fresh: You should think and be fresh in your ideas. Interpret your surroundings differently. You should be able to see things from another angle. Take inspiration from other people’s experiences and that will lead to interesting communication.

Be fearless: It is very important to be fearless and execute ideas which are difficult to crack.

Be receptive to ideas all time: You can’t say- Let’s sit at 10AM tomorrow and brainstorm, ideas don’t come by appointment. They can come anytime. You should keep your antenna up all the time and be receptive to it.

You must have visual ideas: In a country like India, the more visual the idea is, it is more likely to break the clutter. The reason being you are using less of words and a person doesn’t need tounderstand the language in order to get the idea.

Tell stories that are universal: Tell stories, with which everyone will be able to relate to. More universal, your ideas are, more people will be able to connect with it.

Persistence: Don’t accept the first idea that comes to you, keep thinking of more. You need to believe in your idea and have the conviction that yes it will work.

Don’t really follow trends: You should be able to create trends, rather than following it. Go by your instinct. The reason being, if you are just following the trend, you are only adding to the clutter, rather than breaking it.

Jignesh Maniar, CEO & Founder, OnAds Communication, spoke at Samosa Talks organised by Social Samosa.

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