How Flipkart's The Perfect Buy Challenge reinforced the brand's identity

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Perfect Buy Challenge



Flipkart gave their consumers a lucrative and attractive proposition under The Perfect Buy Challenge with a unique and engaging game and the chance to win vouchers.


The Perfect Buy Challenge was devised to position and reinforce Flipkart’s identity as India’s preferred destination for the purchase of electronic appliances.


By leveraging the Newsfeed SmartApps technology, a patent-pending product, Flipkart created an engaging and interactive game to deliver a message to their users through this activity.

Communicating the ‘Five benefits’ for shopping from Flipkart such as Best Warranty, Best Brands, Assured Service and more, Flipkart cleverly used the Newsfeed SmartApps’ technology to educate their audience. To make things even more interesting, Flipkart offered vouchers up to INR 50,000.

Urging users to top the overall leaderboard, Flipkart managed to keep their audience entertained and engrossed until they had become familiar with the benefits of shopping from Flipkart.


The interactive game for The Perfect Buy Challenge was well received as it garnered more than 1.09 lakh likes, 270 comments, and137 shares on just one post. More than 200k players tried their hand at The Perfect Buy Challenge game, registering a staggering amount of 45 days worth of playing time.

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