Haseena Parkar Vs Bhoomi Vs Newton - who wins the social box office?

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Haseena Parkar Vs Bhoomi Vs Newton

Haseena Parkar Vs Bhoomi Vs Newton - see which movie dominates the digital marketing game before the release.

There is a clash at the Box Office today as three movies - Newton, Bhoomi, and Haseena Parkar hit the screens today. Social Samosa takes a look at the digital marketing strategy of these films, each belonging to a different genre and to see if any of the movies manage to take the digital cake.

Bhoomi marks the much-awaited come back of Sanjay Dutt, who was last seen in the movie PK released in 2014. Haseena Parkar is a courtroom drama about the life of India's most wanted fugitive, Dawood Ibrahim's late sister, played by Shradhha Kapoor. Newton on the other hand is a black comedy film starring Raj Kumar Rao.

While Newton attempts to go the content marketing way, the other two films are trying to increase engagement through other means.


The trailer which was released in early August has clocked 14 million views on YouTube. Since Sanjay Dutt is coming back after a gap of 3 years and is seen in similar violent role, which people mostly remember him for, there is high curiosity among the audience.

The film started a page on Twitter with the name @BhoomiTheFilm where along with sharing information related to the movie - like interviews given by the protagonists and teaser posters informing the audience about the launch date, there were also contests.



There were celebrity endorsements on Twitter, which were further shared and promoted from the movie's page.





Haseena Parkar

The trailer of the movie has garnered around 9 million views since its release in July. The makers have been sharing all the information about the film, their promotional pictures and contest information from @haseenamovie on Twitter.


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Newton's trailer has got around 6 million views and the movie has done a few tie-ups with content platforms, in addition to an active Twitter account where it kept the audience updated about the latest happenings and inside scoop.


In this hilarious video, Rajkummar Rao and Raghubir Yadav have come up with four ways to revamp the Indian democracy.

Being Indian:

Rajkummar 'Newton' Rao in this video with Being Indian, portrays bizarre characters that you will come across at any polling booth in the country.


Quint did an interview with Raj Kummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi.

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While, none of the three movies have extensively used the digital platform for prommotions, but Bhoomi manages to stand out because it has successfully used Sanjay Dutt's come back as the main pull factor and hashtags like #BabaIsBack or The Beast Is Back. The film has been consistently pushing content on their social media pages and in fact created a Twitter page in February, much ahead of others.

The contest titled #Baba'sBiggestFan created curiosity and ended up engaging with the audience. Even before the box office release of Bhoomi, celebrities endorsed it and showed their excitement and support to Sanjay Dutt.

Like the recent movies by Eros International, Newton too managed to create a web of presence through content tie ups.

Haseen Parkar on the other hand stands at the risk of getting lost in the digital chatter. Nonetheless, the movie could make it up by taking the other two at the box office. The quality of the product matters after all.

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