Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Fittest At 55 surpassed 4 million impressions

Fittest At 55


Dr. Mickey Mehta


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One of the well known holistic gurus, Dr. Mickey Mehta capitalized on the longstanding tradition of offering special discounts on equivalent to his age, with Fittest At 55 aimed at inspiring and encouraging fitness among Mumbaikars.


In order to drive memberships to the Dr. Mickey Mehta 360 Wellness Temples in Mumbai on the occasion of his 55th birthday, the brand initiated the Fittest At 55 campaign, offering a 55% discount on membership fees.


The ball was set rolling with a Live Video featuring Dr. Mickey Mehta on Facebook who introduced the new campaign and offer to their social media followers.

Fittest At 55

An inspirational series was run with Dr. Mickey Mehta, illustrating a combination of fitness stories via pictures and videos such as Live and Boomerangs, of himself leading the audience by example, to encourage them to prioritize fitness, health and wellness.

Fittest At 55 Fittest At 55

Throughout the Fittest At 55 campaign, Dr. Mickey Mehta emphasized on nutrition tips and fitness advice for a healthier lifestyle.

Collaborating with consumer brands that are closely associated with health and organic foods such as Godrej Nature’s Basket and PeaceChocs from Wockhardt Group, the brand reached out to a much larger and diverse audience.

Fittest At 55 Fittest At 55

The MICKShake, a nourishing breakfast alternative – something one can drink on the go, was introduced as part of the Fittest At 55 campaign as a precursor to The MICKShake Contest.

Fittest At 55

Another contest called the #Welfie Challenge was held as incentive to galvanize the multitude towards the Fittest At 55 campaign.


The Fittest At 55 campaign crossed more than a 3.2 million impressions on Twitter,

The campaign also gathered more than 8.3 lakh reach and 1.28 million impressions as well as a user engagement of 39.2k on Facebook! Fittest At 55 also generated 63k impressions on Instagram.

Fittest At 55

Overall, the total impressions of the Fittest At 55 campaign have surpassed 4 million across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The campaign received positive feedback and helped Dr. Mickey Mehta reinforce the popularity of the brand as the wellness icon of India.