Kent RO reach out to the people of the valley with Vaadi-e-Kashmir

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Kent RO released a short film titled, Vaadi-e-Kashmir in a bid to reach out to the people of the valley and highlight the message that Kashmir is an integral part of our lives.

The film has been conceptualized by Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi. The video has got more than 8 lakh views on YouTube till now and has garnered a lot of positive comments from people, including celebrities.

"Vaadi-e-Kashmir" is a CSR initiative of Kent RO, dedicated to Kashmir on behalf of the nation by Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Member of Parliament Hema Malini along with Mahesh Gupta, Chairman-Kent RO Systems. It has been curated by Hema Malini, who is also the face of the brand.

Commenting on the film,  Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, Kent RO said, “The film celebrates the beauty of Kashmir and its people, and celebrates the love and togetherness that we share as a nation. The vision of this short 6 minutes film is to ‘make our brothers and sisters in Kashmir feel that the rest of the country stands with them’ and also open many more doors to bring us closer to each other. It's a simple film which carries a message of oneness, with purity of heart and intent. Just like what KENT RO stands for, Purity. It is simple. It is not driven by any political or religious agenda. Instead it is driven by humanity and the sense of family & togetherness. India is a one big diverse family and Kashmir is an integral part of our lives. And we need to celebrate it."

The film showcases the unadulterated beauty of Kashmir and its people. Connecting everyone in the country, the viewers will undoubtedly be left spell bound. On Twitter, there are conversations using the hashtag #DilSeKashmir.




Commenting on the creative aspect, Praveen Kenneth, Chairman - Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, said, "The task at hand, keeping in mind the current sensitivity of Kashmir was challenging. We met a myriad of people, both in Kashmir and outside, to find a starting point. We had to keep it simple. Mr. Gupta and I believe, anything can be answered and any solution is possible, if there is a genuine connection between people. It's the first step, to establish any possibilities. And we as a nation when called upon, reach out very easily across the spectrum of caste/creed/differences. That's the beauty of this nation. And this attempt is our small contribution to create the platform to connect people."

The film invites the viewer to log on to the platform that's been created for the people across the nation to send a message of love to the people of Kashmir. It also showcases some amazing stories of the people in Kashmir, who have surmounted numerous challenges and stood tall.

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