British Airways add a touch of BAMagic for Joe Dowd

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British Airways have channeled their inner philantroph and extended a helping hand to Joe Dowd as part of their ongoing digital campaign titled BAMagic, wherein the airlines company offers their services to more deserving people.

Joe Dowd, a 47-year-old man who suffered a life-changing brain injury in 2014 which left him with significant physical and cognitive challenges was about to take his first flight with British Airways for his BAMagic.

His wife, Liz, got in touch with the airline to tell them Joe’s story and to ask for support with his first flight. Liz explained that her husband had previously worked in banking and regularly travelled the world, but his condition had left him unable to fly. After a long period of intense rehabilitation Joe defied medics and learnt to walk again, but one of his big goals had been to fly. Joe worked hard to become strong enough to trial flying again and the couple planned a short flight to Dublin, to visit extended family in Ireland.

After receiving a heartfelt letter, British Airways stepped in to make the journey as memorable as possible for the deserving pair with their BAMagic.

Joe said “It’s been an amazing experience from start to finish. From being met by the British Airways ambassador to meeting Captain Ben and then surprising us with the Australia tickets, it was a day I’ll never forget!”

Liz said “When I wrote to British Airways telling them Joe’s story, I never imagined they would help make the journey so special. It was such an incredible and emotional milestone, Joe’s specialist team feel that he has returned even stronger. The whole experience was truly memorable and magical.”

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways director of brand and customer experience, said: “When Liz wrote to us and told us about Joe’s bravery, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure he had an enjoyable and seamless journey. Our ambassadors, ground staff, cabin crew and pilots worked hard to make sure it was a trip Joe and Liz would never forget. They are a truly inspirational and deserving couple.”

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