Brooke Bond Red Label’s Unstereotype raises awareness on dwarfism


Brooke Bond Red Label has come up with a new video to break the stereotypes and raise awareness on dwarifism with Unstereotype on October 25, celebrated as International Dwarifism Awareness Day.

Red Label has always initiated conversation on topics which are considered taboos – be it the Hindu Muslim relationship, live-in relationship, the life of a prostitute or problems related to alzheimer’s. This time, the brand through its story, talks about dwarifism and how the society has their preconceived notions
about it.

The story shows a girl inviting few of her friends home and who are impressed to see pictures of his father doing paragliding. It is later revealed in the film, that her dad is a dwarf. Using the hashtag #unstereotype, the story aims to initiate more conversations on account of International Dwarfism Awareness Day.

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