How Kingsman The Golden Circle increased it’s shelf life with digital



Fox Star India


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Fox Star India, one of the world’s biggest studio companies had lined up their next major release, a sequel in the Kingsman movie series titled, Kingsman The Golden Cricle.


Promoting Kingsman The Golden Circle in the Indian market, and re establishing the Indian audience’s association with the brand, and creating a spectacle in order to enhance the appeal for the movie, were the primary objectives for Fox Star Studios.


Fox Star Studios banked on the popularity of characters in the movie who resonated well and had the potential to resonate well with the audiences, and released multiple YouTube trailers. These trailers were further utilized to promote the movie on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kingsman The Golden Circle

The brand initiated the #BeAKingsman activity on social media, and this involved a series of codes that the fans were urged to crack. Through this activity, Fox Star India drove focus to decrypting codes which is what ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ is premised on.

Kingsman The Golden Circle

Kingsman The Golden Circle being an English movie, Fox Star Studios promoted the movie in India through posters in regional languages, such as Hindi and Tamil. Fox Star India partnered up with brands like PVR, INOX, Movies Now, Bollywood Life, Bollywood Hungama, Midday, Paytm and BookMyShow, here all of them uploaded a unique mission and asked their fans to #BeAKingsman by cracking the code.

The brand leveraged a YouTube masthead which they ran for two days in order to maintain high visibility and maximum awareness.


The Dubbed Poster activity earned more than 162,284 impression and the #KingsmanTomorrow activity, initiated one day before the release of the movie garnered an overall engagement of 10,023 for the #KingsmanTomorrow activity.

Kingsman The Golden Circle

The theatrical spectacle managed positive reviews from top portals like Times of India, Screen Rant, Empire and more. Fox Star India as a brand generated a ground-breakingly impressive reach of 30,015,098, successfully claiming attention spans of the Indian audience.