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A brand very that holds a close emotional connection with their consumers from years ago, Little Hearts sprung into action with Break Some Hearts after some inactivity on the communication front.


In a bid to reinvent themselves and establish a favourable communication with the new age audience, Little Hearts chose social media as the perfect medium to communicate with them through their campaign, Break Some Hearts.


Creatively leveraging the shape of the iconic Little Hearts biscuits and cleverly weaving it into an idea that was easily communicable to the younger audiences, the brand built their campaign around the insight that heartbreaks are a common phenomenon in the lives of teenagers.

Their campaign, Break Some Hearts, Little Hearts was launched at the perfect opportunity, on Valentine’s Day, urging consumers to ‘Break Some Hearts’ both literally, and figuratively, giving an edgy spin to the subject.

Little Hearts launched a teaser campaign on Facebook inviting consumers to assemble at key locations in 3 major cities to witness mass heartbreaks, which led to intrigued audiences arriving for the on ground, offline activity in large numbers.

This activity was promoted and amplified using the brand’s social media channels as a means of experience for the people who could not make it.

Little Hearts kept the conversation going around Break Some Hearts with engaging posts on social media, using relevant and topical content keeping in mind their audience’s interests such as Game of Thrones.

Break Some Hearts was taken to the next phase with a new film, depicting the life of an ordinary teenager who is about to confess his crush on a girl for the first time, a highly relevant and relatable situation for many youngsters. The film takes an interesting turn towards the end, staying true to the brand’s objective by being edgy and quirky.


The brand film for Break Some Hearts managed to receive more than 1million views on social media platforms such as Facebook, and YouTube each, and the view through rates for the film were 140% of the benchmark.

The engagement rate on facebook was recorded at at 3.6x of benchmark.

Break Some Hearts helped Little Hearts double their social media presence on Facebook in terms of Page likes, and also helped the brand register record sales for their product, two months in a row.

Little Hearts fulfilled their campaign objectives by getting themselves noticed by the new generation, connected with them through social media and also reaped the benefits through product sales.

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