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Facebook dynamic adverts case studies

Social Samosa shares 3 Facebook dynamic adverts case studies that will give brands and agencies a better understanding of how these ads work.

Dynamic adverts are a great way to promote about your product catalogue or travel inventory to people those who have expressed interest in your business. Dynamic ads for travel lets brands automatically show ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to people who are likely to take a trip. If someone was browsing hotels but didn't make a reservation (or if they were looking at flights but didn't book one), dynamic ads for travel allow you to target them with relevant ads based on their specific dates, destinations and other trip details. It was launched by Facebook last year.

Facebook Dynamic Adverts are the best for reaching more shoppers, re-targeting shoppers to complete the same and contacting people across devices.

Social Samosa shares 3 Facebook dynamic adverts case studies that will give brands and agencies a better understanding of how these ads work.

Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong

The international airline used dynamic ads for travel to effectively increase ticket sales for over 300 routes. The airline wanted to increase sales by enticing people to book a flight shortly after they had shown travel intent by performing a search on its website.

Dynamic ads for travel allowed Cathay Pacific to automatically target website visitors with relevant ads on a massive scale through one campaign. This was more efficient, because the airline didn’t have to create separate ads for every visitor.

The ads featured an image of the destination city that people searched for to inspire them to act. The ads included a “book now” button that linked directly to the booking process on the Cathay Pacific website.


Cathay Pacific Airways has seen a significant increase in bookings since the campaign launched on December 5, 2016. The campaign has resulted in 10 per cent lower cost per booking compared to Facebook re-marketing without dynamic ads for the same markets; 16X increase in volume of booking compared to Facebook re-marketing without dynamic ads for same markets, and 15 per cent lower cost per acquisition compared to other re-targeting channels.


Nestle Malaysia

NESTLÉ Malaysia launched the country’s only multi-brand wellness e-commerce campaign and partnered with Facebook and Lazada to boost its e-commerce business, doubling online sales and driving more transactions.

The company partnered with online retailer Lazada to offer wellness and nutrition-themed bundles, based on data-driven insights. As part of its broader mission to diversify beyond brick-and-mortar retail, the consumer-goods giant wanted to double its monthly online sales.

The campaign, which ran across multiple media platforms, centred around simple gamification that encouraged people to hunt for promo codes delivered in ad creative with tips on health and well-being.

The company used Canvas to bring the ad creative to life and entice people with promotional deals.

NESTLÉ Malaysia then used Custom Audience targeting to reach Lazada’s customers who had shown an interest in health and wellness products. To reach more people who resembled this group, the brand also used Lookalike Audience targeting.


NESTLÉ Malaysia’s month-long April 2017 campaign helped the company increase conversions and surpass its goal of doubling online sales. In all, the Facebook campaign delivered- 2.5X increase in online sales (versus period before the Facebook campaign), 19X more transactions (using advanced targeting compared to broad interest targeting) and 99 percent lower cost per online purchase (using advanced targeting compared to broad interest targeting). wanted to drive qualified apartment rental leads by encouraging renters to share their contact information through a form on its website. collaborated with Facebook Marketing Partner StitcherAds to help it rapidly create ads and scale its direct response efforts on Instagram. The team developed a dynamic ads campaign to promote relevant listings from the website to the right audience across any device.

The team used the Facebook pixel to target its ads to renters who had visited its website. The dynamic ads, which featured high-quality images of available apartments, then showed listings that were relevant to each viewer based on their activity on


Starting in mid-September 2016,’s dynamic ads campaign reached more than 5 million people. The campaign has also lowered its cost per conversion by over 50 per cent compared to other channels, and achieved an impressive 2.5X return on ad spend.


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