Instagram’s Paid Partnership With tool rolled; testing Bookmark on Desktop

Paid Partnership With

Instagram Influencers who presume it’s a good idea to not divulge the details of a paid promotional post, I have some interesting developments to inform you of. Starting today, Instagram is prioritizing strictly on disclosure with their Paid Partnership With marker.

Along with the Paid Partnership With tool being made available to every Instagram account that has access to Instagram Insights, the picture sharing platform has also begun to test showing bookmarked posts on Instagram’s desktop site.

Paid Partnership With tool

Many Instagram Influencers and celebrities chose to cleverly hide, or not disclose altogether the nature of a paid post, something Instagram found in violation of their ethics and rolled out the Paid Partnership With tag. It was rolled out in June this year, and has now been rolled out to all accounts that have access to Insights on Instagram.

“The branded content tool makes it easier for creators to more clearly communicate when they partner with businesses while providing valuable insights. The expansion of the tool will further increase transparency between creators, brands, and the community.”

Paid Partnership With

Yet, if there are any Influencers who choose not to disclose their association with a brand that has been paid for, they will be notified by Instagram to make the change and tag a business.

Xenia Tchoumi, an Instagram Influencer has been working closely with Instagram which allows her to “clearly communicate when they are working in partnership with a business.”

“My Instagram is about sharing my life and my experiences with people. Whether it’s my travels or a new product I’m excited about, transparency is a key component for interacting with my community. With the branded content tag, I’m able to be fully transparent about my commercial relationships on Instagram and that transparency extends to the businesses that I partner with in the form of analytics.” said Xenia Tchoumi.

Branded Content is a major source of revenue for Instagram bloggers and celebrities, and Instagram intends to maintain as much transparency as they possibly can.

“Better understanding how the community engages with branded content will help us offer more flexibility to creators and businesses using the tool.Over time, our goal is to make it simple for all Instagrammers to identify commercial relationships on Instagram.”

TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha writes, “The expansion comes as Instagram-owner Facebook faces pressure around ad transparency. While these sorts of campaigns seem pretty far from the political ads bought by the Russian government, the FTC has shown concern about influencer marketing, too.”

Bookmark on Instagram Desktop version

Spotted by Ashley Carman from The Verge, the new test allows users to view their Bookmarked posts on the desktop version of the website.

Paid Partnership With

Instagram does not allow users to upload posts, or Stories on the desktop version, and there are far too many features that are not available on it. Users can merely Like or Comment, and do the more basic Instagram stuff but with the company testing Bookmark viewing on Instagram’s desktop site, it indicates they might be getting serious about it and stop the step brotherly treatment.

“Instagram tells The Verge this is only a test, but multiple Verge staffers have the feature already, so you might want to check your account. You can view it from your profile page.”