Instagram tests hashtag following and it's pretty interesting

If you never get tired of looking at #wanderlust or #foodporn pictures on Instagram, the new hashtag following update will make you cheer!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Nov 10, 2017 08:07 IST
hashtag following

If you are a person who never gets tired of looking at #wanderlust or maybe #foodporn pictures on Instagram, the new Instagram hashtag following update will make you cheer.

Following friends and Instagram stars is just so passé, because with the new hashtag following feature, you can always be certain about finding new content from new people right within your feed.

It is so simple yet so brilliant that I just cannot believe why I never thought of it earlier.

First spotted and Tweeted by @Social_Pip, and reported by The Next Web, the hashtag following update from Instagram could very well get users to be more engrossed, and less likely to exit Instagram sooner than they usually did.

Some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram such as #love #instagood #pictureoftheday and more would flood Instagram feeds beyond all rational measure. Instagram has nipped it in the bud by ‘limiting it to ‘top posts and recent’ stories, as per a tooltip that shows up above the follow button.’

This looks like a promising new addition to Instagram and has the potential to positively shake things up for Instagram users. Personally I cannot wait to get my endless supply of #DogsOfInstagram and #CatsOfInstagram, my unapologetic guilty pleasure.

Certainly there must be a hashtag you follow closely, and are relishing the prospect of being able to follow. Tell us about your favourite hashtag in the comments section, or share your thoughts with us at