Kolaveri boy is back with Bewajah, India's first vertical music video!

Arvin Subramanian
New Update

The man who redefined the word 'Viral' for digital marketing agencies and even the general audiences is back with Bewajah, the successor to Kolaveri Di.

Exactly 5 years ago, on November 16, 2011, a tiny young man from Chennai made the whole world dance for his Kolaveri tune. The word 'Viral' on social media got a new definition with the arrival of the rock star, Anirudh. This November he is back with another hit song that has set social media on fire and his latest single Bewajah has crossed 5.2 Million Views , galloping to 16k likes.

We will dig deep into how these mammoth numbers were scaled by the Bewajah team with our 3 I’s.

Initiate - Any new idea requires a initial set of innovators to believe, talk and set the ball rolling. For an Anirudh song, who is better than his own fans to start off the proceedings?

The team has made great use of Anirudh’s fan clubs - forming WhatsApp groups, giving them exclusive content to promote, to even making them launch the first look of the song - the team went the extra mile.

This move not only resulted in getting attention on social media but also reaching out to the target audience like never before..

Innovate - New innovations is like GOLD on social media. Netizens are always excited to check out something new rather than the run of the mill stuff. Anirudh has always made sure he innovates time and again. Be it the catchy lyrics in Kolaveri Di, or the theme music single for Kaththi, or the releasing of an entire music album as singles , he always does things differently than his peers.

This time his single Bewajah , is touted to be India’s first vertical video. Featuring timeless movie posters this video takes us back in a nostalgic road.

This innovation has truly captured the imagination of netizens, who have started to celebrate this single like never before.

Inform - Another key aspect of this song’s success is the effort the team has taken to keep giving information.

Since this is a new innovation, the video has a short clip in the beginning for audience, on how to watch the video.

Apart from that, the team has also created a hashtag called #ReasonToWatchBewajah, where they keep giving solid information about the content to make people watch the video again.

Also, Anirudh along with the team shares tweets and posts to celebrate milestones such as 3 million views in 24 hours, 5 million views in 2 days and more. This is a kind of reminder to watch the song along with a positive message that this song is doing well.

Though we can never know why things go viral, we have to admit there aew solid social media lessons that one can take from a success story like this.

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