When Wendy’s took a dig at McDonald’s Black Friday Tweet

Black Friday Tweet

McDonald’s Black Friday Tweet seemed like an internal communication that went live because their social media manager hadn’t had coffee. The brand had fun nonetheless.

McDonald’s Twitter handle on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, posted a draft tweet that had everyone in splits on social media.  Twitterati had their share of fun at the cost of the brand’s tweet and of course, Wendy’s had something to say.

The brand possibly had hoped to latch on to the Black Friday fever on social media with their scheduled post. While, some thought it was a PR strategy, others were convinced that it was a faux pas. The best part is that, the brand has not deleted the post, even if it was a gaffe.


Social Chatter

Wendy’s took advantage of the situation and posted their tweets and well, there was a lot more fun then. 

Mc Donald’s has not come out with any official clarification regarding the tweet. Nonetheless their next tweet did show that the brand took the error or the stunt (whatever you call it) in the right spirit. It surely helped the brand garner a lot of eyeballs and stand out amidst several brands who just went ahead with their mundane Black Friday messages.

Is this what Serendipity is?