Namaste India Desi Ghee treads the funny Yamraj route in new campaign

Namaste India Desi Ghee

Namaste India Desi Ghee launched a hilarious ad where an old woman bribes the yamraj, the God of Death, who has come for her, with delicious meals.

In terms of story telling and execution, Namaste India Desi Ghee has taken a fresh approach, which is away from the usual course of advertising for brands in this category.

The light hearted story is of an old woman who cleverly thiks of ways to please yamraj so that the latter can spares her life. Her consistent efforts of tempting him with delicious meals cooked with Namaste India Desi Ghee bear results, when Yamraj decides to not take her and instead promises to visit her frequently just to have such delectable meals.

The film has till now not managed to create enough noise on social media, on YouTube, it has garnered merely 457 views in the last three days.

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