Snapchat Burger AR lens trolls Apple and Google

Snapchat Burger

While Apple and Google continue to battle each other, and baffle everyone else on social media with their ‘Who’s got the right burger?’ kerfuffle, another corporation decided it was a good opportunity to have some fun at their expense. The Snapchat Burger AR lens trolls both Apple and Google!

I never thought I’d be writing a serious story beginning with these lines, but apparently I haven’t seen and heard it all yet. So, it turns out that no one in the world can agree on the correct order to assemble the ingredients of a hamburger, and this particular problem even prompted the CEO of a multibillion dollar corporation to swear he will look into it immediately. The Snapchat Burger AR lens launch coincided with the Apple-Google digital fast food standoff, and many Twitter users do not think this is a coincidence at all.

First spotted and reported by Mashable, the Snapchat Burger AR lens has not been able to duck out of being called out as a troll aimed at Apple and Google, while some Twitter users have grown even more irate because apparently even Snapchat F-ed up with the order of the ingredients.

At this point, I wonder if anyone will end up getting it right.

The company confirmed it to Mashable that the Snapchat Burger AR lens was rolled out this week, but they haven’t responded in the affirmative about it being aimed at the #BurgerGate.

Twitter has reached its verdict though. Snapchat is definitely trolling Apple and Google.

Meanwhile, Evan Spiegel has discreetly reneged on his previous declaration of tracking and targeting being creepy, and rolled out Snap Pixel “which lets advertisers track what you do online after viewing one of their ads, and gather information about you.”

Creepy indeed, but Spiegel’s reasons are understandable, and are justified even more considering Instagram Stories and even WhatsApp Status, both registered 300 million users!

This feature is offered by all of Snapchat’s fellow social media platforms and competitors, Facebook, Twitter and others which considering his earlier statements could be a huge source of embarrassment.

The Independent reports Evan Spiegel’s statements from 2015, “I got an ad this morning for something I was thinking about buying yesterday, and it’s really annoying.” He then added, “We care about not being creepy. That’s something that’s really important to us.”

It is intended to help brands and advertisers retarget consumers, and measure the impact of their marketing efforts by referring to the collected data.

“They’ll be able to access and analyse data collected within 28 days of you viewing or engaging with an ad, reports Adweek, but will initially only be able to use Snap Pixel for measurement purposes. By the end of the year, however, companies will be allowed to target specific groups of people who have visited their sites.” per Aatif Sulleyman from the Independent.

You can read more about Snap Pixel here.