5 impactful Snapchat marketing tips for F & B Brands

Sarmistha Neogy
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Snapchat marketing tips

Social Samosa shares 5 impactful Snapchat marketing tips for F & B Brands that are trying to catch the millennial on the go.

Snapchat, which is best known for fleeting photos and videos, that catch a pop culture moment, and then disappear is one of brand's favourite tool today to connect with their audience.

The fast food generation has started to understand the wide reach and the immense popularity of the platform and some of the biggest quick-service chains like McDonald's and Starbucks has introduced Snapchat filters last year. Few years back, Taco Bell sent their first 'snap' to announce its Beefy Crunch Burrito was coming back. Their campaign on how to turn consumer heads into giant tacos via Snapchat Lens was hugely popular. The Snapchat filter garnered a record of 224 million views in one day.

According to reports, there is huge value in marketing on Snapchat. Some interesting statistics are - by 2020, Snapchat will add 26.9 million users, about double the gain of Twitter and Pinterest. Around 76 percent of Snapchat users are online shoppers and the daily users on Snapchat are spending on an average of 30-minutes a day in the app.  Looking at the huge potential on this platform, brands have been experimenting on Snapchat to reach their audience.

With Snapchat looking at a big redesign and the platform adding conversion tracking snap pixel, Snapchat advertising is slated to get bigger.

Social Samosa shares 5 impactful Snapchat marketing tips for F & B Brands that are trying to catch the millennial on the go.

1.) Share Snap worthy food & drink pictures

Snapchat users love to share what they eat and drink. According to reports, more than 93 percent Snapchat users have sent pictures of their food to their connections; it is best to let the audience know that you have snap-worthy food and pictures. You can also include links with your snaps, but don't get too promotional. It can turn off your customers.

2.) Launch new dishes

You can use Snapchat to launch new dishes or products. Give an exclusive sneak peek about your product to your online audience first. Don’t always add the Snap to your Snapchat story, sometimes, send it directly to your followers, it will be more personal.

3.) Leverage influencer marketing

By leveraging influencers, you can actually capture a huge audience, who will be viewing your content. Brands have been increasingly, doing this, by partnering with influencers through their Snapchat stories. Another, way to engage with an influencer is by asking him/her to take over your account for a certain amount of time and post snaps on your behalf. The latter can be fun and exciting.

4.) Feature your chefs & bartenders

Audience loves to have a look and feel of the behind the scene experience. For e.g show the audience, one of the restaurant chef preparing his signature dish. Share videos to let people know about the work that goes behind to make a meal which can satisfy them. This is a great way to improve engagement and hook your customers on the platform.

5.) Offer promotional discounts

Post a video or picture to your Snapchat story and offer a discount to the first 5 people who can show the video or picture on their Snapchat story. Don't forget to offer incentives if patrons promote your restaurant or bar by adding your Snaps to their Snapchat stories.

One needs to remember that it takes a lot of time to grow an audience base on Snapchat and reportedly. If you are targeting young customers in the age group of 13-34 years, then Snapchat is definitely worth a shot.

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