Technical Guruji v/s Technical Sagar - A tech blogging rivalry

Saloni Surti
Nov 22, 2017 07:44 IST
Technical Guruji v/s Technical Sagar

Technical Guruji v/s Technical Sagar rivalry brings out the competitive and rather dark side of tech blogging in India.

The world has seen a number of rivalries across industries, but an out and out fight between two tech bloggers was not something we saw coming.

An ongoing rivalry between prominent Hindi tech bloggers Technical Guruji and Technical Sagar, took an ugly turn when the latter created a 15 minute long video titled - EK GHATIYA INSAAN - TECHNICAL G***JI EXPOSED | FULL STORY #SHAME – the title roughly sums up to ‘exposing technical G***ji, a cheap person’. Yes, you read that right.

In the video, Sagar goes on to speak about how Technical Guruji entered the industry and later didn’t offer any credits to his mentor or inspiration, his professor - Verma Ji, who also used to be a tech blogger. The video goes on to call Technical Guruji “Ehsaan Faramosh” who is born with a silver spoon and never started anything by himself.

Sagar has also called out Guruji on his giveaways, with claims that the latter has no technical knowledge whatsoever.

For the unacquainted, Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhary is a leading Hindi Tech Blogger, with 3.8 million subscribers and is based out of Delhi. Technical Sagar or Abhishek Sagar too boasts of 616k subscribers and has been leading the Hindi tech blogging game since quite some time.

Since, the release of Technical Sagar’s videos a number of Tech bloggers have released subsequent videos, calling out on the uncalled rivalry and its bad impact on the industry.

Technical Guruji v/s Technical Sagar rivalry brings out the dark side of blogging, which consists of stiff competition, name calling, and cruel survival instincts that those who want to make it as bloggers need to have.

The rivalry however, is a lot more that it appears on face. Going back to earlier this year, the tech bloggers’ battle begun when both the involved parties said that they shall be shutting their YouTube channels once they hit a certain number of subscribers - a stunt pulled off successfully by PewDiePie – as a result of YouTube strikes, that is YouTube’s copyright policy. Post three strikes, YouTube removes all the content and accounts of the responsible blogger.

According to a video by Techvilla, post the stunt, Sagar received an overwhelming response from the community, while Guruju was left to fend for himself.

This lead to Technical Guruji calling out on Sagar’s decision as a publicity stunt in some unsavoury language. This soon grew into a full blown war, with both the bloggers targeting each other in their videos.

How and when the Technical Guruji v/s Technical Sagar saga ends, we have no idea! It certainly brings to light the hostility of the industry we all wish to be a part of someday! Still dreaming of becoming a blogger?

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