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About the tool!

BriefKase tool is a mini-suite of checklists, calculators, reviews and readiness assessments created for the small business & startup community to better leverage digital marketing channels.

Who founded the product/company?

The marketing tools were built in-house by the Tech team at BriefKase. BriefKase is a 360 digital marketing agency for SME’s, Startups & established businesses. Having worked with more than 70 businesses since inception (2013), we developed the tools as an extension of our service offering.


What platforms does it cover?

The tools cover Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics & Web Development areas of the digital landscape. Apart from these core focus areas, the marketing tools' platform also includes checklists and calculators for measuring traditional marketing efforts – Trade Show ROI or Customer Life Time Value being two examples.

Features of the tool?

All tools are available online at They are free to use with no restrictions. Most of the tools do provide visualizations in the form of graphs / charts to elaborate obtained results. There are four major categories of tools – checklists, calculators, readiness assessments and reviews.






Pricing & Packages

All tools are available for Free.


We are planning to launch around 50 tools in the next 2 years. Apart from the current set of tools, we will introduce How to Guides, Surveys, Templates, Courses and eBooks as additional content types. We also plan to cover more topics including Pay Per Click Marketing, Lead Generation, Blogging and Content Marketing.

As a part of our Marketing Tools initiative, we are open to collaborate with Partners and offer their tools via our platform.

We plan to productize the marketing tool suite and create a single platform for brand managers & digital marketing managers. We might look at monetizing our offering at a later stage by building premium tools that include advanced capabilities.

The Team

Rohan Sonawane, SeshagopalanNarsimhan – Developers

Dexter Fernandes – Designer

Swaraj Ruparel – Copy

Mandar Marathe – Product Lead

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