Twitter Bookmarks will now let you save Tweets - privately

You can now use Twitter Bookmarks to privately save Tweets that you might want to view later, although no formal announcements have been made

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You can now use Twitter Bookmarks to privately save Tweets that you might want to view later, although no formal announcements have been made by the company yet.

Screenshots, and a confirmation about the microblogging platform working on the feature have been tweeted by a staff product designer at Twitter, Tina Koyama @tinastsh. It is officially being called Twitter Bookmarks, and will be officially rolled out after Twitter finishes testing the product.

Tina Koyama tells TechCrunch that, “that the company has picked out different versions of how Bookmarks will look and work and will now test them in the Twitter community.”

“Judging by what Twitter has been showing off so far, the bookmarking tool might appear in a menu in the bottom right corner of a Tweet on mobile, or in the v-drop-down menu in the upper-right corner on desktop. It will live alongside other further actions like sending a Tweet in a direct message to someone or creating a Moment (Twitter’s name for when you string together a series of existing Tweets around a subject).” Ingrid Lunden from TechCrunch writes.

Many on Twitter usually ended up using the ‘Like’ button on Twitter as a way of having a directory of Tweets that they intended to revisit, which needless to point out was public. That was a major privacy concern.

Who knows maybe the poor intern or social media manager for Ted Cruz’s Twitter account may only be trying to ‘Save’ the pornographic clip for later, but instead ended up creating headlines. Much to the chagrin of Mr. Ted Cruz.

And the Like button wasn’t even meant to be used this way! Its intended to live upto it’s name, and works the same way as the Instagram heart.

Twitter Bookmarks revokes this apparent misuse of the Like feature, whilst adding privacy for Twitter users.

Of course, Facebook already offers a similar feature titled ‘Save’ and so does Instagram which, you guessed it right, is also called Bookmark. Pinterest as a platform is pretty much built around Saving and Pinning images.

This is the latest introduction from Twitter, attempting to make some interesting changes for their audience and turn the tide in the favour of poor ol’ Twitter. Earlier, Twitter had doubled the character limit to 280 from 140.

"At a time when the company is still grappling with how best to moderate the kind of content pushed through its platform — Twitter’s cheer for free speech abused with harassment, fake news passed as facts, among other problems — features like Bookmarks are aiming at another challenge: promoting more growth and engagement among its users." Ingrid Lunden further writes about Twitter's recent spate of misfortunes and their struggle to fix these and succeed.

Personally, I doubt the Twitter Bookmarks product will change anything significantly with regards to the bigger picture, but the ones who shall love it, will.

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