A walk through Ashiana Town Campaign that garnered 2 million views

Ashiana Town Campaign

The recent Ashiana Town Campaign is executed by Tomorrow Creative Lab and Intertwined Brand Solutions and will run on air till March 30, 2018.

Ashiana launched an integrated multimedia marketing campaign, titled, Behtar Parvarish Ka Pata for its new property, Ashiana Town in Bhiwadi-NCR. The campaign is conceptualized and executed by Tomorrow Creative Lab and Intertwined Brand Solutions and will run on air till March 30, 2018.

The concept addresses the requirements of young working parents by helping them to save time and provide best upbringing and care for their children. The campaign has clocked more than 2 million views in such a short time.

The child-focused facilities at Ashiana Town are thoughtfully designed to play a role in the kids’ all-round development and create a ‘mahaul’ or environment that fosters their physical, intellectual and moral growth.

Commenting on the strategy, Malvika Mehra, Founder and Creative Director, Tomorrow Creative Lab said, “The amenities at Ashiana Town, their initiative of a robust ‘Live and Learn’ programme for kids along with the close proximity to the Ashiana school, makes this property a paradise for children. The main idea behind the campaign was to hook parents with the insight that a good ‘mahaul’ or environment makes all the difference to their child’s upbringing, and that when kids grow up here, they turn out, well…different. We’ve tried to communicate this via sweet, simple stories like in the first film ‘Pocket mein kya hai?’ and in others that will follow. All reiterating the fact that Ashiana Town is indeed, a ‘Behtar Parvarish Ka Pata’.”

Giving a brand’s perspective, Varun Gupta, Director at Ashiana Housing Ltd, said, “Today the standards of good parenting and the needs of the children have changed dramatically. Off late, the buying behavior of the modern working parents has also changed as they realized that their homes need to be more kid-friendly. Further, our internal study revealed that the safety of family and kids tops the priority list of the buyers. Keeping this new lifestyle and pattern in mind, we have entered kid-centric homes category. Ashiana’s kid-centric homes are a place where children are not a second thought, but are at the core of its design. This is our endeavor to help the children grow into fine young men and women with a bright future, pride of their parents and an asset to the society.”

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