Brands help spread awareness with World AIDS Day campaigns

On World AIDS Day, like each year, brands have undertaken their humanitarian responsibilities this year with their World AIDS Day campaigns.

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World AIDS Day campaigns

December 1 is observed as World AIDS Day all over the world, and like each year, brands have undertaken their humanitarian responsibilities this year with their World AIDS Day campaigns

Global as well as brands from India have done their bit to urge social media users to exercise precaution and use protection when indulging in sexual intercourse. Condom brands such as Durex and ManForce were the perfect fit to speak up, and they dispensed their duties well with their World AIDS Day campaigns, whereas youth Influencer Virat Kohli too starred for Wrogn, the apparel brand.

Social Samosa compiles a list of some of the most impressive and well made World AIDS Day campaigns on social media that helped spread the word and drive conversation around the message that it embodies.

The Logical Indian

Known to speak up on many minor and major issues pertaining to the nation, The Logical Indian chipped in with their World AIDS Day campaign that was pivoted around India and it's relationship with the disease.



A man with a significant fan following among the youth, Virat Kohli's words guarantee to be heard by millions of young Indians. Being the right choice to preach a crucial message, Wrogn's World AIDS Day campaign was straightforward and clear.


Red FM - RJ Manas 

RJ Manas and RED FM collaborated to undertake a social experiment and determine the state of awareness around AIDS among the people. The RJs took to the streets with a box of sweets made by an HIV Positive person, and offered it to people informing them about it to show the misconceptions that people carry around HIV spreading through contact.



Known for their quirky and minimalist campaingns, Durex once again succinctly captured their message with a simple yet hard hitting creative illustration that served as their World AIDS Day campaign.



RED FM too opted for a minimalist creative illustration, turning a pair of earphones into the shape of the HIV awareness ribbon, accompanied by the words 'Play Safe'.




The Quint

Telling the inspiring story of a man who overcame being HIV positive to achieve his dreams and become a bodybuilder, showing many other infected people all over the country that they too can overcome it.



Using a montage of clips from their shows in order to shatter the taboo around sex, ALTBalaji aimed at normalizing conversations around sexual intercourse and whether to have it or not, and how to do it safely.



The flagbearers of many humanitarian causes all over the world, UNICEF too rolled out their World AIDS Day campaign featuring a female politician who is also HIV positive but has not let that stand in her way. She is making a difference, and educating the masses in her community about AIDS and the taboos associated with it while at the same time proving that being HIV positive is not limiting.


Manforce Condoms

The condom brand from Mankind Pharmaceuticals designed a number of creative illustrations to educate their social media followers to use protection.



The Ecommerce company posted a quirky creative illustration and are offering a 70% discount on Durex condoms to encourage the use of protection during sexual intercourse.

Ministry Of Health

The Indian governmental organization posted a simple creative illustration highlighting the precautionary measures that eliminate the chances of contracting HIV.

MTV Roadies

Roadies from MTV spoke to the people about the taboo associated with purchasing condoms from a drug store, a simple yet persistent problem that prevents many from using protection.


Pia Wurtzbach, the Miss Universe 2015 and a staunch supporter of the HIV AIDS awareness movement spoke up about the issue for the official MissUniverse Facebook page.


Peter England

The apparel brand propagated acceptance of HIV positive patients with a subtle creative illustration with a strong message since patients are often shunned and avoided by many ill informed people who continue to believe the disease spreads on contact.


A youth oriented fashion brand, PEOPLE posted a creative illustration with a positive message and the AIDS awareness symbol.

Planet Fashion

The fashion brand from the house of Aditya Birla used their product to create the AIDS awareness symbol and spread the word through their Instagram account.

If there are any World AIDS Day campaigns that we may have overlooked, do let us know in the comments section, or write to us at

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