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Each year, Legrand India celebrates festivities by sharing stories on their microsite, and have created a property around the same. This year, the brand leveraged social media once again, working with Influencers to create a memorable Diwali campaign.


Legrand India’s Come Home To Celebrations campaign was intended to broaden the brand’s social media Reach and Engagement, and encourage their audiences to share their Diwali stories. It was aimed at bringing about a change in the way Diwali was celebrated with a clutter breaking social media campaign.


Legrand India kickstarted Come Home To Celebrations with a Voxpop video with Sahil Khattar from the social media channel, Being Indian. Taking to the streets and interviewing people by asking them ‘Would you spend Diwali with a stranger?’ highlighting the fact that there are many people away from home, unable to spend Diwali with their families. It introduced a thought about celebrating Diwali with another family, away from home.

For the next phase of Come Home To Celebrations, Legrand India created and released four videos that highlighted stories around the festival of Diwali. These videos were named, Diwali delicacies, Diwali fashion, Diwali gifting and Diwali home decor.

Prompting people to share their thoughts about the things they miss during the festive season, each video ended on a note that Legrand can find you a family that you can spend Diwali with. And if you are a family, you can open your doors to those who have nowhere to go.

Legrand India collaborated with numerous popular social media Influencers from diverse categories for Come Home To Celebrations. These Influencers helped promote the videos and also shared their own versions, urging their followers to do the same.

As the audiences began to engage with Legrand India and shared their Diwali woes, the brand stepped in to direct these people to their microsite where they could easily sign up as a guest, or a host and Come Home To Celebrations.

Content portal ScoopWhoop, and Terribly Tiny Tales worked with the brand to spread the word about the campaign on social media.

Three more videos were released on social media from three different point-of-views helping Legrand India tell an interesting story about the Diwali dilemma of being unable to spend time with family. The POVs depicted in the three videos were from a bachelor, a family that the bachelor approaches, and a third-person POV that showed how Legrand India had found the perfect Diwali celebrations match for a lonely bachelor and a welcoming family.


Legrand India’s microsite was abuzz with many people requesting to attend family Diwali parties and gatherings, whereas families from across the country too volunteered to host guests.

The brand recorded more than 4K visits to their microsite, with an average 1 minute and 32 seconds spent by the visitors. Around 78 people signed up for Come Home To Celebrations on the Legrand India microsite.

Come Home To Celebrations helped Legrand India fulfil their objectives of enhancing their social media Reach, as they observed an increase in follower count on all four major social media platforms. On Facebook the brand gained 12,901 followers; on Twitter, the brand gained 166 followers and on Instagram and YouTube, Legrand India gained 14 followers and 24 Subscribers respectively.

Total engagement around Come Home To Celebrations for Facebook and Instagram was 6.1M, whereas the combined Reach on both platforms was 9.08M.

Total Video Views on Facebook and Instagram peaked at 5.9M, whereas Twitter Impressions for the entire campaign racked up to more than 18.5M. The campaign trended on Twitter for over 2 hours on the Diwali day.

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