#Data #GujaratVerdict reached over 136M people in India alone

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Gujarat Elections Social Media Data

The Gujarat Elections not only polarized the Indian social media janta but also created an unprecedented social media trend around a State Election. Let's take a look at some of the most popular hashtags, Influencers and the Reach and Impressions managed by all the Tweets generated.

The most popular hashtags during the Gujarat Elections and after were, #GujaratElections, #GujaratElections2017, #GujaratResutls, #ElectionResults and more. The most popular and most used hashtag that topped the list was #GujaratVerdict which was used more than 33K times.

Gujarat Elections

The hashtag #GujaratVerdict also managed to Reach more than 136M people in India alone!

Gujarat Elections

More than 8.15Billion Impressions were calculated by Twitter about the Gujarat Elections as of 18th December.

Gujarat Elections

Whereas more than 270K unique number of users were recorded talking about it.


These were some of the most engaged Influencers during the Gujarat Elections containing names such as Maps Of India, Zee 24 Kalak, NationalVoice, TV9Gujarati, Bayside Journal and more.

Gujarat Elections Gujarat Elections

Here is a list of some of the most valuable Influencers led by Chetan Bhagat who owned one of the most engaging Tweet that managed the top number of impressions.

Gujarat Elections

News publications such as Times Of India, NDTV, Times Now, and journalists such as Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt and more made the list of most valuable influencers.

Gujarat Elections

The most used keywords were dominated by the words Gujarat Verdict, and Modi and BJP.

Gujarat Elections

The top three most engaging tweets were as follows, belonging to the Sir Ravindra Jadeja parody account, journalist Rahul Kanwal and Chetan Bhagat.

1. Gujarat Elections

Engagement: 1296.5

Impressions: 1013428

2. Gujarat Elections

Engagement: 925.7

Impressions: 3933411

3. Gujarat Elections

Engagement: 1023.7

Impressions: 11225586

A by-the-numbers depiction of the public sentiment on social media around the Gujarat Elections, and how Positive, Neutral or Negative were the reactions.

Gujarat Elections

New Delhi outperformed all the other Indian cities in terms of all three sentiments expressed.

Media share in terms of Gujarat Election 2017 was recorded on Twitter with a dominating 99.7% leaving rest to News.

Gujarat Elections

Twitter dominated the media platform in terms of conversation with more than 99% of the talk happening on the microblogging platform.

The Gujarat Elections Social Media Data is by QuickMetrix and is exclusive to Social Samosa.

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