Insomniacs bags the digital mandate for Paese Cosmetics

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Paese Cosmetics

Insomniacs added the renowned polish brand, Paese Cosmetics to their extensive clientele, and are now the brand's allies on the digital front.

Paese Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetics brand that aims to bring high-quality products to women of all ages, colours, and skin types. Establishing themselves as the ideal makeup for the modern Indian woman, the brand’s primary focus is to create a distinctive identity for itself in the Indian market. At the moment, Paese has its own stand in more than 30 countries around the world, including Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Italy, the UK, and many more. It has become a driving force to a number of branches of sales companies abroad.

Hitesh Vaswani, Managing Director of Midsaff Fashion Brands, the company behind Paese Cosmetics India, says, “Our mission is to create exceptional products and to continuously improve our formulas and services that enable women to feel beautiful and confident from within. We are happy to have a team as capable as Insomniacs on board with us. Our vision was understood and translated into reality better than we anticipated. We hope to see more success with the company.”

Understanding the behavioural patterns and preferences of the kind of audience that Paese Cosmetics wants to reach in India, Insomniacs aims to create a communication strategy that reflects the ethos of the brand. Having had abundant experience in the e-commerce segment, Insomniacs today stands for a distinctive, content-driven approach to digital media.

Govind Rai, Director and Co-Founder of Insomniacs, says, “Paese envisions to create a world where women are made to feel empowered through their products. We will imbibe this ideology in our communication to establish a unique identity for the brand in this highly competitive market.”

Since its inception, Insomniacs has been a prevalent name in digital marketing. They established the real estate segment as their forte and then proceeded to expand into e-commerce and digital marketing for other brands as well. Today, the company manages over 60 brands, including Macmerise, Iconic Fashion, Raunak Group, and more.

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