Macmerise appoints Insomniacs as its Digital Arm

Macmerise digital agency

Insomniacs digital agency has been appointed as the digital partner for Macmerise, one of the leading phone cover brands. The digital agency will be taking over the responsibilities of digital and creative services for the brand.

Macmerise, offering innovative and visually appealing products such as phone covers, laptop skins and power banks of various genres to their target audiences. The USP of the brand were the tie-ups with companies like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars and Disney which allowed them to use the artwork as designs for the phone covers.
Macmerise was in need of an agency in order to help them to rise above the competition present within
the market. Hence, after meeting with bearing witness to over 5 pitch presentations from different agencies, Insomniacs was selected as the lucky winner from the lot.
Partnering up with Insomniacs, the co-ordinated work between the two firms began Mid-August with Macmerise setting a very specific brief for the agency to follow through on. The brief included the need for enhancement of organic traction for the social media pages along with a steep rise in sales for the products. Required as a service from the agency also included the duty of ORM for the brand’s presence over social networking platforms.
Commenting on the development, Macmerise Co – Founder Binal Mandani says, “We are excited to collaborate with Insomniacs in creating a distinct identity for Macmerise. It is an interesting amalgamation of similar minds working in an interesting space and create content which is appealing to an audience at large. We look forward to the amazing output that will be coming from the agency in the days to come.”
Commenting on the win Insomniacs Co – Founder Ankur Agarwal states “Macmerise has been one of the top companies in this particular segment and we are proud to have this brand on board because it is one of leading brands in the phone accessory segment. This particular market is heavily crowded and with some major players it will be important for us to differentiate the brand, keeping in mind the challenges faced by a customer when it comes to online shopping. We are looking forward to work with Macmerise and ensure that
we create a niche for them in this heavily clustered market.”