Best of the Seagram’s Imperial Blue Men Will Be Men Campaigns

Men Will Be Men Campaigns

Men Will Be Men Campaigns have tickled many ribs over the years; take a look at these ads and pick your favourite.

Seagram’s Imperial Blue has rolled out their latest among the Men will be men campaigns titled Car, where a man in order to impress a lady standing next to a punctured car, offers to help her.

It was only after the girl’s partner arrives at the spot that he realizes that it was not her car. The ad continues to keep the humour quotient alive, which is the trademark of all Men Will Be Men Campaigns

According to reports, Men will be men, is a 19-year old tagline that was cracked by Ogilvy and is associated with Pernod Ricard’s (the holding company for Seagram’s distilled brewery business) whisky brand Imperial Blue. Over the years, Men Will Be Men Campaigns have always stood out because of their tongue-in-cheek humour and high relatable quotient.

The situations highlighted in the video have always been hilarious, be it the men trying to impress an attractive lady in a lift, by tucking in their protruding belly or a group of guy friends getting dejected when one of their wife’s official tour gets cancelled.

Social Samosa has compiled a list of Best Imperial Blue Men Will Be Men Campaigns over the years. Feel free to tell us about your favourite campaign.

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