Asian Paint's Slam Doors No More takes a humorous route

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Dec 25, 2017 07:57 IST
New Update
Slam Doors No More

Asian Paints released a new campaign titled Slam Doors No More and takes a hilarious dig at all those instances when people slam the door in anger and how to stop them from doing it.

The commercial promotes the range of stunning stencils by Apcolite Enamels, which can be used to beautify your doors and people will automatically not slam those beautiful doors.

The ad features a husband, dealing with a wife who has a habit of slamming doors when angry. He then gets it painted with Asian Paints, making it too beautiful for the wife to slam the door.

With the help of online influencers, the brand is promoting the campaign online.  On YouTube, the film has garnered more than 7 lakh views till now.

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