Twitter introduces Threads, their official Tweetstorm feature


Twitter has officially launched their tweetstorm feature which was being teased and tested for quite some time, and the company is calling it Threads.

Threads was announced with a blog post that began with the following sentence “At Twitter, we have a history of studying how people use our service and then creating features to make what they’re doing easier.” They appear to be committed to making it easier for their users to express their thoughts elaborately with the 280 character limit rolled out earlier, and now, Threads are here.

Not everything Twitter users need to say was always confined within the boundaries of their restrictive 140 character limit, so Twitter increased the character limit to 280 characters, although that only solved part of the problem. Threads was needed for users to “to tell personal, suspenseful or funny stories via Twitter, to connect facts surrounding breaking news, to rant about politics or other issues, or even to just make a longer post more readable and easier to follow.” as explained by Sarah Perez of TechCrunch.

A ‘Plus’ button on the right-hand side of the Tweet composer lets you Tweet in Threads, and you can continue to add Tweets to the thread you have published. For your followers, Threads will appear “in the timeline as normal, along with up to two more tweets from the thread. To see the rest, your followers will need to tap “show this thread.” Casey Newton from The Verge writes.

Earlier, Twitter users resorted to stitching tweets together like this,

But with Threads, neither the writer or the readers of the Tweets will have to experience any hardship, and do not worry, you won’t have to scroll past unnecessarily long threads on your timeline all day. As mentioned above, after three or more tweets, you will manually have to hit ‘show this thread’ to see more tweets.

“We’re rolling out these updates to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks.” says Twitter as the blog post draws to an end.


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