Everyone hates Instagram’s new Recommended For You update

Recommended For You

Instagram is now inserting Recommended For You posts on Instagram timelines and people are furious!

Back in December, Instagram were stealthy enough to roll out one of the last updates of the year, and with the type of reactions that are coming in, no wonder Instagram was quiet about it. The company is now inserting Recommended For You posts on Instagram timelines and people are furious!

Instagram has an enviable track record when it comes to new products and updates, although the one persistently annoying and hated alteration that the company made was turning the timeline form chronological, to based on accounts most interacted with. Now if that wasn’t enough, Instagram began inserting sponsored images from businesses into the Instagram Feed and have now further contaminated it with Recommended For You posts.

Irate Instagram users have taken to Twitter to express their disgust and repulsion with the new update with one user summarizing everything wrong with it in one tweet.

Twitter user @bellaabrookss says, “No Instagram I don’t want “recommended posts” on my feed. I follow the accounts I follow for a reason. CyA.”

Here are some more disgruntled Instagram users who just want their Instagram feed to be left alone.

One would argue that Instagram is only doing their bit to provide fresh new content from other Instagram accounts based on the preferences of the individual user, but that is what the Explore section is for!

Any user who is bored of seeing posts from the accounts they follow, and wishes to check out new stuff, or look for new accounts to follow, the Explore section is JUST ONE TAP AWAY.

So am I pro Recommended For You, or Anti? Definitely Anti.

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