9 LinkedIn hacks to boost your profile in 2018

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LinkedIn hacks

Here are few LinkedIn hacks which you can keep in mind to boost your profile and make it stand out.

It is a new year, maybe you're looking at new jobs or wish to expand your network or have year long targets - now is the right time to up your LinkedIn game.

According to an article published on LinkedIn, sharing some important statistics about the platform to make you realize the huge potential it has. The professional social network has a total of 467 million users, out of which 40 percent use LinkedIn daily, yes, that's how many leads you have out there. According to data from May 2017, India has 33.4 million LinkedIn users, making it an important platform for the professionals.

Here are few LinkedIn hacks which you can keep in mind to boost your profile and make it stand out.

1. Make Your headline memorable & impactful

Headline is also one of the first things that people notice, when they land on your page. So try and make your headline attractive, so that recruiters can easily spot you. Make use of words frequently used SEO keywords relevant to you field.

2. Include a professional profile Picture

Make sure the picture is of high resolution and a professional one, so that it can garner the right attention and create good memorability.

Statistics prove that - LinkedIn profiles with professional head-shots get 14 times more profile views. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views and they also get 36 times more messages.

3. Request for Recommendation

Don't hesitate to ask your colleagues, supervisors or classmates for recommendation. Testimonials actually go a long way.

4. Write a good summary

A summary is an important section on LinkedIn, which a lot of people forget to update. Your summary should ideally, expand on what appears in your headline, highlighting your specialties, career experience, noteworthy accolades, and thought leadership. One should focus on the most relevant details and avoid the not so important ones.

5. Grow your network

It is great to grow your network and keeping it up to date. One of the most effective ways to grow your network is by synching your profile with your email address book.

6. Make your profile public

Go to the account settings section and make your public profile visible. This will allow you to show up in searches when recruiters are looking for candidates like you.

7. Create a Customized URL

Just like any other social network, you’re given a very long (and impersonal) URL link when you first join. It is best to have a custom URL, which makes it easier for you to send the link.

8. Join relevant Groups

There are thousands of Groups out there, so join the relevant Group, where you will get information and news pertaining to your interest and domain. It is also a good place to find infuencers and leaders of your community.

9. Use Status updates very wisely

The LinkedIn status updates are your way to highlight some of your latest work, accomplishment and your presence at important conferences. Since, it is a business network, it is best to use it during business hours.

When it comes to smart usage, LinkedIn is a rather unexplored network. Spend some quality time on the platform at least thrice in week to connect, update, and make the best out of the platform.

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