Taco Bell's Web Of Fries is smart and subtle at the same time

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Web Of Fries

Taco Bell has outdone many of their fast food competitors with their latest ad that takes on an age old mystery that sets of Josh Duhamel of all people, on a quest that leads him to uncover a Web Of Fries!

Yeah, the advertisement is as dramatic as it sounds because Web Of Fries could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood action film trailer. The film begins with Josh Duhamel picking up dinner for his family from a Taco Bell, and as his daughter demands Fries, his wife tells their daughter that Taco Bell never serves fries. Josh wonders why…

Looking for an answer, Duhamel stumbles onto a Web Of Fries that involves, encrypted data drives, billionaire businessmen, senators, a dark room full of men in suits, a car chase involving the protagonist and ‘clowns’ and the ‘ketchup and fry’ people. It has all the elements of an action packed movie trailer which is anremarkably clever and humorous approach.

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Of course, Taco Bell isn’t actually answering the question on why they never served fries, instead, Web Of Fries is a smooth announcement for their new product which means that Taco Bell WILL serve fries now, and they are not just any fries.

They are the ‘boldly seasoned’ Mexican fries with a side of Nacho cheese dip, which makes the traditional salted potato fries with ketchup combination sound like oatmeal!

No prizes for guessing the extremely (not so) subtle hints towards one of their chief fast food rivals, with the clowns and ‘ketchup and fries’ talk.