Valentine's Day campaigns that stood apart over the years

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Valentine's Day campaigns

Social Samosa takes a look at some of the Valentine's Day campaigns over the years that not only etched a smile on the consumer's face but also managed to convey the brand persona and identity.

Along with the nip in the air, there is also love and romance brewing all around and brands maximize the most of it by jumping on to the Valentine's Day bandwagon.

From running contests to releasing emotional videos, brands both Indian and global leverage Valentine's Day as the opportunity to connect with their audience in a light and fun tone.

Social Samosa takes a look at some of the Valentine's Day campaigns over the years that not only etched a smile on the consumer's face but also managed to convey the brand persona and identity.

Penguin India

Penguin India played at puns on Valentine's Day, where they shared a series of ‘punny’ visuals under its hashtag #LoveInOtherWords.

Words being the core of Penguin India's existence, puns came across as a smart way for the brand to reach out to the young audience through something they enjoy.


In spite of the confused state of Tinder in India, the campaign managed to generate a few awws. Plus associating with TTT helped the brand reach the right audience.


On the occasion of Valentine's Day, Flipkart employees decided to spend it with Flipkarters. It was a great campaign, where an e-commerce brand decided to thank and dedicate the day for its customers, thereby making them feel special.

Also, featuring their real employees added a candid factor to the campaign, making it easier for the viewers to connect with it.

Durex #50Games to Play

Durex,is known to churn out bold and relevant content. When most brands were all about sending chocolates and flowers to loved ones, Durex's 50 Games to Play, encouraged couples try something sexy on Valentine's Day.

The campaign launched Performax Intense, a condom designed to help couples be more in-sync during sex. The ad also coincided with the release of the film 50 Shades of Grey.

British Airways

British Airways released ‘Go Further To Get Closer’ campaign for Valentine’s Day in 2014. The aim of this campaign was introducing India specific initiatives. The video garnered around 3 million views on the airline's YouTube channel and is a story of Sumeet Gupta and how the airline helped him surprise his wife Chetna by giving them an opportunity to get a break from the daily humdrum and come closer to each other.


CaratLane recognized a very beautiful relationship, one that we all share with our colleges during Valentine's Day. The brand managed to break the romance clutter and was in sync with the brand's independent women theme.

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio last year tagged Vodafone and Airtel on Twitter to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. The brand even used the hashtag #WithLoveFromJio. The brand managed to add a humane element to the tweet by extending a warm gesture towards their competitors, an initiative their audience loved.


Dumb Ways to Valentine

Australian Metro's superhit, award-winning commercial "Dumb Ways to Die" made a comback with Dumb Ways to Valentine. One of the character professes his undying love by pulling out his bloody, still-beating heart and it unfortunately leads to his death. The campaign never ceases to amaze.


In a light hearted manner, Ford Motors launched their Valentine's Day video in 2015 promoting their Mustang. The brand used the help of a professional stunt driver to hook six guys into going on a little car trip, but the setup is the key – she pretends she's not that good at driving, until she's really good at it. The Speed Dating Prank has till now clocked more than 14 million.

Ford beautifully managed to weave in the fun of Valentine's with Mustang's features, creating a masterpiece.

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