Big Mac turns 50: McDonald’s UK celebrates with a nostalgic spot

Big Mac turns 50

One of McDonald’s most iconic and well-known products, the Big Mac turns 50 this year, and the company is celebrating the occasion and paying homage to it with a creative spot.

Owing to the longevity of it, being a consumer favourite and the momentous achievement as the Big Mac turns 50, McDonald’s has decided to launch country-specific spots, with this one being created exclusively for their UK market.

The 1-minute long spot opens in the 1960s UK as a man spots a billboard announcing the arrival of the Big Mac in the country, progressing to the 50-year journey of the Big Mac and the many changes to its packaging, and it’s association with the people over the years.

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Wrapped in nostalgia, the film concludes with the special, limited time, celebratory offerings of the Big Mac Jr., and the Grand Big Mac in addition to the classic Big Mac.

As the Big Mac turns 50, one thing is evident that the iconic burger is truly a significant part of the rich global history of McDonald’s.

Crafted by Leo Burnett UK, the spot features a yesteryear track ‘New Sensation’ by Australian rock band, INXS.