Bud Light does the Dilly Dilly for their Super Bowl spot

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Dilly Dilly

The holy grail of advertising spots and events in America, the Super Bowl is the true test of a brand that thrusts it’s name into the spotlight. Bud Light for instance, managed to nail their outing this year, having the audience go Dilly Dilly.

Yes that is the catchphrase, and the title of Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign. Dilly Dilly has the audience rummaging across Google to find it’s meaning, which in fact, doesn’t exist. A completely made up term, intended to embody a mythological alternative to ‘Cheers!’, the term " target="_blank" rel="noopener">according to Miguel Patricio, Chief Marketing Officer at Anheuser Busch, the parent company behind the Bud brands.

About the campaign video, set in medieval history, the video begins as a military general is attempting to rally his troops as the opposing, more powerful army stands ready. An ironically contradictory speech, it ends up disheartening the ragtag bunch of misfit army as they find out they are out of Bud Light too, in addition to facing imminent death and suffering.

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The saving grace is delivered when the general informs them that even though they have run out of Bud Light, the enemy has lots of it, and an eruption of Dilly Dilly as a battle cry erupts.

Funny indeed.

Humour has for long been the backbone of many a SuperBowl campaigns, and Bud Light made Dilly Dilly work by keeping it lighthearted. The campaign was created by Wieden + Kennedy, and it did not test well but was still chosen by Miguel Patricio and ended up working.

We want everybody to "Dilly Dilly" in their life, says Patricio to Business Insider.

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