#CaseStudy How BookMyShow sold 5M tickets for Padmaavat with agile marketing

BookMyShow Case study



India’s leading online ticketing platform, BookMyShow boosted ticket sales for the period drama magnum opus, Padmaavat with the help of some exceptional social media marketing tactics.


BookMyShow hitched their wagon to the unprecedented amount of conversation and curiosity around Padmaavat, aiming to create a top of the mind recall for their platform as the go-to-place for millions of moviegoers to get their ticket bookings, whilst also managing to stand out due to the high volume noise around the release of the film that already existed.


BookMyShow chose to pivot the theme of their campaign around humour, conceptualizing a 360-degree campaign with Television and digital media, both at the heart of it.

Padmaavat | Touchy Topic

Intezar over now. #Padmaavat bookings now open on BookMyShow: bookmy.show/Padmaavat3D#BlockbustersOnBookMyShowPadmaavat | Ranveer Singh | Deepika Padukone | Shahid Kapoor

Posted by BookMyShow on Friday, 19 January 2018

The brand urged consumers to watch the film as soon as possible by getting their hands on tickets quickly and not miss out on all the conversation around the film with the people who had already watched Padmaavat.

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BookMyShow collaborated with HotStar and Flipkart, and rolled out their campaign video on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms that were relevant to their target audience.

Padmaavat Bookings Open | Jao Book Now

Intezar over now. #Padmaavat bookings now open: bookmy.show/Padmaavat3D. #BlockbustersOnBookMyShowPadmaavat | Ranveer Singh | Deepika Padukone | Shahid Kapoor

Posted by BookMyShow on Friday, 26 January 2018

An exclusive animated film was created for the brand’s social media channels, targeting it to the areas where the TVC wasn’t released.

The humour helped the audience finally associate something positive with the release of the film, and the many people who intended to watch the film received an increased push of encouragement.

BookMyShow also created videos such as ‘5 Reasons to watch Padmaavat’ in order to encourage the audiences to watch the film, bringing in prominent Indian film critic, Mayank Shekhar to share his opinion about the film.

Padmaavat | 5 Reasons To Watch

"#Padmaavat is a beautiful & magnificent story on the lust for power & the use of power to satisfy lust" – #MayankShekhar. More reasons to watch the film here: bookmy.show/rhfh5. Tickets: bookmy.show/Padmaavat3D.

Posted by BookMyShow on Thursday, 25 January 2018

Some fun interactive activities in the form of a quiz around trivia from the film was also created for social media such as the post shown below,

Ghoomar' from Padmaavat was quite a 'weighty' affair for Deepika Padukone. Can you guess this one? #Padmaavat #BlockbustersOnBookmyshowYou can get the answer here: https://bookmy.show/Padmaavat3D.

Posted by BookMyShow on Thursday, 25 January 2018

More activities to engage with the audience and Padmaavat fans were planned by BookMyShow, such as #PadmaavatOnBMSJukebox which offered a chance at gratification with exclusive Padmaavat vouchers.

Posted by BookMyShow on Thursday, 25 January 2018

Follow BookMyShow Jukebox and stand a chance to win some movie vouchers for #Padmaavat

Posted by BookMyShow on Thursday, 25 January 2018

Other forms of content such as interviews with the stars of the film were shared on BookMyShow’s social media pages, offering the audience a chance to get an inside peek at the making of the epic period film.

Jim Sarbh's performance in Padmaavat has made a lot of people take notice of his unique talent.

Posted by BookMyShow on Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Both the films, the one for TV and Social Media, and the one exclusively for social media were highly appreciated by the audience as they racked up a total of 287 Million impressions while delivering 30 Million views for BookMyShow’s campaign.

The marketing exercise helped BookMyShow sell a whopping 5 Million tickets for Padmaavat since it’s release.