Agency Feature- Brand Catapult

Brand Catapult

 Who are we?

Brand Catapult is a 360 Branding & Marketing Communications agency based out of New Delhi.

We’re a group of problem solvers, creative thinkers and marketing enthusiasts, helping businesses solve one problem at a time.

What’s in the name?

So Brand Catapult, in its literal sense is all about catapulting brands up in the air! Now isn’t that really cool?! As an agency our aim is to uplift the brand and improve on its brand visibility!

What we do?

As an agency, we offer a plethora of services to clients in over 25 industries, across the globe.

We work with brands across their entire life cycle from the brand inception stage, all the way to the execution of ATL, BTL & Digital Campaigns

Some of the broad set of services that we offer are,

  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Positioning & Communications Strategy
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Brand Activations
  • Events
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Campaign Design & Execution
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Media Buying
  • Influencer Marketing                          

Why we do it?

Well, in one word, Passion.

As a founder of an agency, I believe no business is as dynamic as that of an agency. Everyday you are exposed to a completely new business from a different industry. The key here is to be able to identify what brings them all together, and deliver just that!

How we evolve?

We as an agency are very active in learning the new trends of the ecosystem. It is fast evolving and hence we pay extra attention to the need of the hour and mould our service deliverables to be able to deliver just that.

Another key differentiator is that unlike most other agencies, we insist on having a very young team in play. Interestingly, majority of the team is below 30 years of age. This helps us all the more to be in line with the latest trends and target audiences better.

Social responsibility in social media

 Be transparent. We believe thats the key to go about. In terms of social responsibility, we always encourage clients to revolve their campaigns around social issues. Lets take advantage of the power of social media to help our own brand and other too! Over the years we’ve often plugged social responsibility as a key part of our campaigns.
Need of the hour

 There is a lot of regularity that needs to brought about in social media.

One of the biggest issues being taxation on ad spend. With experience we have come to believe the skepticism of companies, especially smaller ones, in spending high budgets due to lack of clarity on taxes and benefits.

Further certain standards need to be set in place in order to break away from the clutter that has currently built up and focus on building a more holistic service industry.

We learned the hard way

Our journey as an agency has come a long way and at every step, we have only learnt something new. The only tip that we’d share is that in order to survive the market that it is today, you need to be consistent with quality and keep evolving to be able to offer something new to clients.

Did we just share that?


 They work with us

Over the past years we’ve had the opportunity to work with businesses in over 25 industries, ranging from education to hospitality to fashion to consumer durables.

Some of our clients include Smaaash Entertainment, YouWeCan Foundation, Priveé (Leading nightclub in Delhi), The Westin Hotel, XA Audios, AMP Motors (Largest dealer for Jaguar Land Rover in India), Creators Gurukul, Dhruv Seghal, Saaj by Ankita, Good To Go, Brawn Globus Turnkey Solutions, etc.

Industry as we foresee

Oh well the industry has immense potential in the coming years. With the innovation in technology, there is bound to be some amazing disruption in the sector, which we for sure are looking forward to! Businesses are shifting focus a large parts of their budgets to go Digital and this is only bound to further increase.

A day without Internet

For a minute its going to be nice and peaceful, but then again, the next minute is just going to get daunting. Losing internet connectivity is like being cut off from the world and landing in the middle of the desert with no sense of direction (Quite literally with no google maps either!) at all!