#eBook 7 trends in 2018 that will shape Content Marketing in India

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In 2017, content marketing took center stage, and Indian marketers got a flavor of what new-age marketing looks like, powered by data and presented in video.

As we enter 2018, Indian marketers are now faced with the challenge of using these tools to maximize ROI and gain a strategic edge over competitors.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network in collaboration with DMAi - Content Marketing Council  launched an e-book - The 7 trends in 2018 that will shape Content Marketing in India. Here’s a glimpse into the content marketing trends that are likely to shape the Indian marketing landscape this year:

Trend 1: Brands will move towards ‘intelligent’ content marketing

Brands that have invested in content marketing will now adopt an ‘intelligent’ approach and publish well-thought and highly directed content.

The focus will be on quality, not quantity. B2B brands, particularly, will employ greater creativity and storytelling techniques to get their messages across to their customers.

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Trend 2: Content marketing will be guided by, and evaluated on, data-driven metrics

Marketers will now use intelligent algorithms to introduce new variables to measure and map the buyer’s journey and move beyond the cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand models.

Instead they will adopt a cost-per-action or performance-based advertising model, where advertisers pay for a certain outcome or acquisition.

Trend 3: There will be greater adoption of native video by B2B marketers

Marketers will focus on enriching the video experience by experimenting with new formats, offering testimonials and tutorials, and building thought leadership.

Each brand will need to figure out what serves their marketing goals better – short, snackable videos, or longer ones.

Trend 4: Visionary brands will create content franchises and become “content brands”

A content brand focuses on the needs of the audience first as opposed to putting out ‘branded content’. To build loyalty among its audiences, brands will develop content franchise that helps increase credibility and offers different entry points based on the content consumption habits of the audience.

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Trend 5: Companies will use the power of employee advocacy to grow their own brand

The cumulative value of the personal brand of employees is a lot more than what brands can achieve on their own, particularly in the B2B space.

Brands will create plans and processes to involve their employees in content creation and distribution.

Trend 6: B2B brands will use content marketing to unlock the true value of thought leadership and improve advertising impact

B2B audiences rarely engage with ads without previously having read or seen something from that brand, which inspired or informed them. Thought leadership will become invaluable in that, it will help build trust with buyers; it will help brands come across as expert advisers to the buyers.

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Trend 7: Voice will make itself heard in the content marketing space

Voice search queries are increasing year-on-year. Google rolled out voice search support for eight Indian languages in 2017.

Going forward, search engine algorithms may prioritize audio content over other formats. In any case, marketers who use voice content will find themselves ahead of the curve.

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